Stadia does not close without giving to speak; Google streaming refuses to die and skips the time of its own funeral

Google Stadia no longer exists, or yes, but in our hearts and memories. Goodbye to the Google service has occurred this very morningday January 19 at 08:59 a.m. (Spanish peninsular time). A decision that was made last September and even gave time for development studios to manage to save their players’ games; but that continues to give people to talk about because Google Stadia missed closing time.

When there is a closing date and time for something, be it a game, server, online or even beta, it is usually much more punctual than when starting a service. Although Stadia wanted to give the chest by putting the first game that came to its catalog for free for all those subscribed, it seems that someone did not want to pull the cable.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with closing a few minutes later, but The Verge journalist, Tom Warren, has been following this goodbye live (with a delay of 8 hours since in US time, the service closed at 23:59) and half an hour later part of Stadia was still working. it has not been but an hour and a half laterthat is to say at 01:30 a.m. (10:30 a.m. in Spain) that Stadia has closed the door with a message that read “Thanks for playing with us.“.

Many users attested to Warren’s words ensuring that some games like NBA 2K20 they were still available 30 minutes later of the alleged closure of Stadia. The online functionalities and servers were also operational, although others have advanced that it seems that Google has been removing the pieces little by littlestarting with the most basic.

Stadia Shutdown Meme

Many others have laughed it off, ensuring that Stadia refuses to die as if it were an evil AI, or that the iron core of fans of the Google service they were preventing this one from saying goodbye. A extremely curious situation that gives a certain sympathy to a closure that many we hoped it was instant.

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As of now, Stadia is no longer with us. Xataka’s colleagues anticipate that the next steps to be followed by its users revolve around software and hardware refunds, as well as the unlock your remote. This Stadia Controller has received a latest update with which it can be used via Bluetooth on PC or mobile devices, something previously limited to USB-C outside of Stadia.