what’s new in Squadron 42?

Star Citizen still has a lot to say, and to prove. The massive bet of Cloud Imperium Games continues to rise and ended the year 2022 with another blockbuster for the space simulator. However, the most ambitious game in history is nothing but Squadron 42, because it brings together everything from the base game, together with a cinematic campaign mode and with luxury actors. One that, without a doubt, has been forgotten by many, for which reason the Americans have shared a extensive list of news from Squadron 42.

The single player adventure moves slowly and apparently at a good pace. This press release outlines enhancements to the artificial intelligence important that go from the animation of the same, elements of combat or the implementation of a wide range of behaviors. These new additions and improvements from the creative team have also been added to Persistent Universe, the mode sandbox that we can enjoy right now.

Far from this, the most important thing to note is that the team seems to be quite advanced in the roadmap for the campaign mode. On the side of improvements in artificial intelligence, certain additions have been highlighted for chapter 15; while the team Environment Art has finished polishing chapters 7 and 11. Lastly, the Gameplay Story group finished several cutscenes in chapters 13 and 8.

Although no game follows a linear development, starting with the beginning of the adventure, to end with the credits, it seems that the work of Cloud Imperium Games is taking shape beyond that framework of freedom and open world rescued from Persistent Universe. In fact, the team adds that they are rescuing some sequences already captured and working on them: “We have been rescuing actor sequences a long time ago and beginning the procedure of internal processing to create their fellows (in the game)”.

“According to the scope of the script, it should come as no surprise that there are many characters players will meet throughout the game. Is list gets complicated due to the fact that some of the characters will have a schedule that takes them from work to rest, which will require a variety of clothing to be available ”, adds the creative development team.

Image by Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium Games)

Image: Cloud Imperium Games

Of course, equally remarkable is the boost graphic who has seen the game. Although Star Citizen is not a hard nut to crack for current hardware —at least in medium qualities—, all the commissioned teams have improved the appearance. In Squadron 42, the VFX have been extended with a new particle library, but Persistent Universe is also “hit” with an optimization of its memory impact that will be introduced in Alpha 3.18.

In the good list of news there does not seem to be room for a release date. The game, both in its mode sandbox as the independent experience that his campaign represents, he is far from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Something that has not stopped Cloud Imperium Games from thinking about future games or experiences.