what to do now that Google puts an end to its cloud gaming service

The day has come. Google Stadia leaves never to return. Google’s cloud gaming service, as robust as it is embroiled in controversy, close your doors today After just over two years on the market, leaving its users with the task of finding an alternative to continue enjoying the cloud gaming.

The shutdown has occurred Today, January 19, at 8:59 a.m. Spanish peninsular time. From this moment, it is impossible to access our games and our games, although everything is said, since the announcement of the closure there has been time to export the games of some games, such as ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, ‘Destiny 2’ or some Ubisoft titles.

It is no secret that Google Stadia did not finish curdling among users. The company itself acknowledged this in a statement, ensuring that Stadia “did not gain traction among users that we expected.” Whether it was due to the business model, the lack of a catalogue, communication or advertising, or simply the culture itself within the company, the truth is that Stadia has not worked as it could have.

Google Stadia started off on the wrong foot. It did not have a free modality until six months after its launch, it took a long time to reach all Android phones and even more to iOS, it closed its own development studio (Stadia Games & Entertainment) and upcoming updates, such as the app for televisions , the integration into the Samsung Gaming Hub or the reduction of commissions were not enough for the service to raise its head.

The following steps


What will happen now? As far as the players are concerned, the immediate future has three steps. The first is make sure we have received the relevant refunds, both hardware and software. Let’s remember that Google is going to return the money for both the games purchased and the controls.

There are already consoles to play in the cloud.  The thing is that you probably already have one at home: a mobile

The second is precisely to unlock the controls. Although they have taken their time, from Google Stadia they have launched a tool to unlock the controls and, in this way, allow its use as a remote control via Bluetooth to play on mobile

At least it will be possible to unlock the controls to use them with the mobile via Bluetooth

and the third is look for an alternative, and there are several options. The most similar to Google Stadia is Xbox Cloud Gaming, although it is limited to the games in the Game Pass catalog, which are not few. There is also Amazon Luna, which is still in beta in the United States, so in Spain, for now, it cannot be contemplated.


Other options are Utomik, Shadow (gaming mode is out of stock right now) and NVIDIA GeForceNow, the NVIDIA service that is one of the most complete. This service has different modalities, including a free one, and in its most expensive subscription (20 euros per month) it allows you to play in 4K at 120 FPS with Ray Tracing and DLSS 3 the games that we have purchased on Steam, Epic Games and company. The catalog, however, is what it is.

As for Stadia’s technology, the company sees opportunities to your application on YouTube, Google Play and Augmented Reality, as well as the possibility of making it available to its partners in the industry. “We remain deeply committed to the game and will continue to invest in new tools, technologies, and platforms that drive the success of developers, industry partners, cloud customers, and creators,” Google said in the closure announcement.

Be that as it may, It’s time to say goodbye to Stadia, a service that, with its pluses and minuses, managed to show that gaming in the cloud can work. Goodbye, Google Stadia.