the HBO series includes an easter-egg that will delight fans, although it is practically imperceptible

The brand new premiere of ‘The Last of Us’ on HBO Max, in addition to finishing allaying any fear of a television adaptation that did not do justice to the magnificent Naughty Dog video game, has put the most faithful fandom to the test with a good handful of references and easter eggs more or less obvious and easy to grasp for the seasoned viewer; but the detail that I bring you next plays in another league.

  • As of this moment there are spoilers for the first episode of ‘The Last of Us’, so continue reading at your own risk.

Clicker view

After the huge prologue focused on the dynamics between Joel and his daughter Sarah and the arrival of the apocalypse in the form of the Cordyceps fungus, and after the stretch in the Boston quarantine zone in which Joel and Tess end up escaping with Ellie, the remarkable first chapter of ‘The Last of Us’ closes with a great long shot of Boston that is easily recognizable by regular players.

However, the sinister postcard hides a small detail that makes it even more ominous and that, to be honest, I did not catch while watching the episode – we will blame it on the emotion since I was yelling at the television. Luckily, Twitter has worked its magic and users like NaughtyDogInfo They have made things easier for us to realize that, On one of the buildings, lurks one of the most famous enemies of the franchise.

This is none other than a Clicker, or Clicker in its original version; a truly chilling creature whose characteristic noise —which can also be heard on the shot— comes to chill the blood, and who compensates for his lack of vision with a tremendously heightened sense of hearing and terrifying aggressiveness.

'The Last of Us' marks a before and after in video game adaptation: references are the least important thing in a wonderful series that expands on the original

The trailer of the series led by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman He already showed us one of these infected up close, but knowing that they could make things difficult for our protagonists so soon makes many of us wait like rain for May next Monday.