Requiem on PC is finally “complete”, and it only took 3 months and a sneaky update

Where is the Ray Tracing in A Plague Tale: Requiem on PC? This is one of the questions that players on this platform have asked ourselves most often. The presence of one of the most important improvements of the new generation and the reason for debate today was foreseen in the launch of Asobo Studio as an output option. However, we have had to wait 3 months to view.

For no reason, the French game was released on PC without Ray Tracing. The development team neither confirmed nor denied that this addition was scrapped due to the game’s technical requirements. Whatever the reason, A Plague Tale: Requiem has been updated on PC with ray tracing in shadows and ambient occlusion.

Although the patch notes shared by Focus Home, who act as international distributors of the game, is quite concise, it is clearly specified that this addition concerns only and exclusively the PC. Of course, recovering the thread of the requirements mentioned above, hopefully the game is now even more demanding than in the past.

To date, Ray Traced titles that directly affect ambient occlusion have become real resource eaters. The most recent case of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, including Ray Tracing both here and in the shadows, has spawned some controversy in the face of somewhat poor performance from the latest Firaxis game.

A Plague Tale: Requiem will not be Asobo's last game: the French team is preparing for its next mysterious project

we could almost say that “no modern release is nothing without RT”. It seems incredible, but visual enhancement technology has dominated the discourse and debates, as well as the comparisons of the most modern graphics cards.