Building in Destiny 2 has officially become understandable (and fun)

Ahead of the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall (Eclipse in Spanish) next month, Bungie has announced through its blog a series of changes created to return the character building a much more accessible and fun aspect of your action MMO. The result, I can tell you, requires much fewer clicks than the current model to adapt to any of the game’s activities; and within it, it gives you more options when it comes to facing the champions of Darkness and more.

As we already knew, the new character sheet includes a tab dedicated to managing the weapon and armor mods, which we can customize with names and icons of our choice. In addition, it should be easier to share with other players through a simple screenshot, so that the typical videos reeling off builds on Youtube they will become much easier to understand. The progression and running of those mods also change considerably.

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Under these lines you have a small summary of newsthough if you’re interested in learning about all the changes, you’d do well to visit the original topic on As a reminder, D2 Lightfall launches on February 28 on Steam, Epic Games, and console digital stores. The new campaign takes us to Neptune, who has starred in a new trailer this week, to stand up to Calus as the new disciple of the Witness. The arc of the first 10 years is nearing completion.


  • A new screen with up to 10 loadouts to unlock
  • Mod management (weapon/armor) has its own tab


  • Complete redesign of all game mods
  • They are all available from Rank 6 (more details to come)
  • Removed elemental affinities from mods and armor
  • Mods energy cost has been reduced
  • There will be no more mods based on weapon archetype (ex. shotgun)
  • Yes there will be new mods based on elemental damage (eg kinetic)
  • Artifact mods become passive abilities (not equipped)
  • Resetting the Season Artifact will be 100% free
  • Seasonal skill slot translates to attribute bonuses


  • We say goodbye to the combat slot
  • The “Elemental Well” and “Charge of Light” mechanics have been reworked
  • “Charge of Light” activates itself with mods based on picking up orbs of light
  • “Elemental Well” now works with elemental remnants associated with the subclass


  • Shield modifier has been removed from Hard Jobs
  • Enemies naturally resist damage better, Gambit-style
  • Subclasses have ways to ‘count’ champions, similar to mods.