Returnal on PC already has a release date and details all the improvements of the platform

Returnal is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s first bet on PC for 2023. Although The Last of Us Part 1 is dated for the same March 3, many of us expected Housemarque’s game to stay until after the third month of the year, because more beyond an unflattering “early 2023”. Be that as it may, the Japanese want to give us a Valentine’s gift with the PC version of Return with confirmed date.

The game was not the “peachy” one you might expect from a PS5-exclusive release. On Sony’s desktop, it has achieved 560,000 copies since its launch on PS5 at the end of April 2021, but Europeans always kept in mind that this roguelike would be an AA release, no matter how spectacular it is visually. Regardless of this, and far from making a monograph of the game’s performance, Returnal will arrive on PC next February 15 of 2023.

Along with the confirmation of the release date of the crazy shooter from Housemarque, the Finns have released a gameplay trailer recorded on PC with the highly anticipated improvements on this platform. To begin with, and most important of all, the game will have support for NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR Y NVIDIA NISall to improve game performance.

Returnal confirms its minimum and recommended requirements on PC, and threatens to be a RAM hog

In the more purely visual section, apart from the improvement and graphic boost that it will receive, these are the improvements of Returnal:

  • support for 21:9 ultrawide Y 32:9 Super Ultrawide.
  • Field of view customizable.
  • The ray tracing will arrive as the standard bearer of the new generation improvement for Sshadows and R.reflexes, something that will undoubtedly eat performance.
  • support for 3D audio via Dolby Atmos (although it requires compatible headphones).
  • compatibility with DualSense: haptic triggers or dynamic vibration.

Apart from this, and to confirm ahead of launch, the game will come to PC with the expansion “The Tower of Sisyphus” completely free and included in this edition. A highly anticipated release on PC where the community wanted to make use of the mouse, keyboard and the best and most advanced optimizations of the platform.