a bug in Final Fantasy XIV causes you to heal more than 1.5 million health

Although it is true that bugs are not unusual in video games, those that affect online titles (and especially MMOs) are more than surprising. Affecting not only your personal experience, but that of the whole world, the developers of these titles they are usually very attentive to the changes they introduce. Even so, sometimes the unforeseen sneaks in, and Final Fantasy XIV is seeing how one of his tanks brings an exaggerated bug to the table.

Warriors are one of the tanky classes in the game. Focusing on not only taking damage, but on having a great arsenal of self-healsthey are, without a doubt, as durable as they are, and for a long time they have associated the joke of “don’t heal medo damage, I’ll manage.” Now, since the release of patch 6.3, that joke has become a bit more real.

In this class’s kit, there is a skill called Shake it off, which creates a shield worth 15% of your health that lasts either 30 seconds (was 15), or expires when the amount of damage it protects against is dealt to you. Of course, this is not its only use, and it is that it also brings with it a 100 power cure. Well, supposedly.

This cure is the one that is giving slight problems within the MMO, because instead of doing what its description says, it is reaching ridiculous values. With a single use of Shake it off, some Warriors have managed to recover more than 1,500,000 hit pointssomething that, taking into account that the average player oscillates around 100,000 HPis not the desired effect.

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Square Enix, meanwhilehas reacted quickly to the news and has said it is looking into the matter. Without knowing exactly what the circumstances are to cause the bug to happen, they are trying to find the cause to patch it soon, as announced in a post on the official Final Fantasy XIV blog.