The injection of budget in Atomic Heart is noticeable, so much so that it will not only come in English

We are in the final stretch of Atomic Heart. The Russian shooter with influences from BioShock that, according to the words of our colleague Alberto Pastor, is more than just an inspiration in the work of Irrational Games. Be that as it may, comparisons populate the network and will do so once it comes out, but the game in our country has a special surprise: its Spanish translation It won’t be just via text.

So far, all we’ve seen of the shooter Mundfish’s apocalyptic and absolutely insane had been with the English or Russian voice actors. However, the editor PLAIONformerly known as Koch Media, has confirmed the dubbing into our language beyond those mentioned above.

Very good news on this side of the globe for a game that, if we had known beforehand that it would arrive dubbed into Spanish, we would have opted for neutral with a view to marketing it in Latin America. In fact, this only allows us to glimpse an important budget injection and the interest in publishers.

The game, although it started before 2018 and the team’s experience was limited to a VR release (Soviet Lunapark), it was made with the love of the community, the press and the distributors. By the end of 2021, the shooter had gone from being solely and exclusively distributed by Mundfish (which maintains this task in the Commonwealth of Independent States), to being co-published by 4Divinity in Asia and published by the French Focus Entertainment in the rest of the world.

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Remember that, along with Hogwarts Legacy, Atomic Heart is one of the great games that will land next February on PC and consoles. The title is scheduled for release on the day February 21st and it can already be pre-purchased on Steam, although nothing seems to indicate a possible demo of it.