so you can do it in one click in macOS Ventura

On many occasions you will have had a photograph that you really like, but the background has not been the most appropriate or the one you expected. It may also be the case that to create your custom images for blog articles or jobs, it is necessary to remove the background so that it is much more integrated into a document or layout.

To carry out this task, there are many programs that can be found for Mac at a professional level, such as Photoshop. Although it is always best to have a quick way to make this edition, and macOS Ventura allows you to do it through Finder and in a single click. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about this functionality.


How to remove the background of an image in macOS

With the arrival of macOS Ventura, compatible Macs gained different features that are very interesting. It is true that they were not visual changes that can be seen with the naked eye, but they are they are small tools that can be useful. One of them is precisely in the removal of the background, through the Finder itself.

For this, it is always necessary to have an image that is isolated in JPG or PNG format in which the subject is sharply outlined. This means that the element you want to leave isolated, be it the silhouette of a person or an object, is the absolute protagonist of the image. With these we will guarantee that the artificial intelligence correctly detects the main element and leaves it isolated in a new image.

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And this is something really important to take into account, since the original image from which you remove the background will not be lost, but rather a new copy will be generated but without the background. This will necessarily have a .png extension so that it has the necessary transparency that is required when integrating it into a text document or presentation.

So, once you have the image in a folder that can be accessed from the macOS Finder, you simply have to do the following steps:

  • Open the folder containing the image in JPG or PNG format.

  • Right-click on it.

  • stay on the “Quick Actions” section.

  • Click on “Remove background”.

Remove Background

At the moment a copy of that image will be generated in the same container folder in which it already appears without the corresponding background. This image the You will be able to copy and paste in any text or in a photo editor so that in the end you can put the background that you want. And as you can see, without a doubt the operation is quite good and precise.