The trailer for The Mandalorian 3 is a freak, and its poster pays homage to a mythical and forgotten Star Wars game

The Mandalorian is one of the most relevant television products of the last five years. Such is the impact that Disney has allowed itself to compete with The Last of Us series by launching the extended trailer for Season 3 of Din Djarin and the poster end of this year’s galactic event, and, don’t you know? I already tell you that yes, and it is that honors Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.

Although the community of the series has been wanting a game of “The Mandalorian” with all its might since 2019, the presence of the Mandalore ethnic group in the video game has been present since even before Grogu was the bug adorable today. The poster in question with “father and son” dodging the blasters while escaping with the jetpack; seeks to emulate the same cover of that work by 2002 without any qualms, and it is that perception of the Mandalorians has improved considerably.

His presence, at least with the second trilogy, was limited to a Jango Fett who, in his time as a father, his time in real action was almost an attempt in Attack of the Clones. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, set before the clone wars and, therefore, before he died, he sought to make Mandalore’s armor shine in a powerful prelude and closely linked to the comic book saga. Jango Fett: Season of the Hunt.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter, or how LucasArts dressed us in Mandalorian armor in the definitive prelude to Attack of the Clones

Disappointed that Jango’s showdown with Mace Windu ended so soon? Quiet, Fett’s passage through the video game and the series after LucasArts’ intention to make his universe cohesive, the best bounty hunter in the galaxy magnified his name with his relationship with Darth Sidius; the imposition of mandalorian to inherit an unaltered clone under the name of Jaster Mereel… Bounty Hunter and Season of the Hunt expanded their “little” universe around Fett with insight and future’s expectations; nail truncated by Disney.

Star Wars Mandalorians

Image: LucasArts/Disney

The purchase of the LucasArts conglomerate by Walt Disney in 2012 finished with 2 things: Lucasfilm Games as a producer, developer and distributor of video games; and the Canyon Prior to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is not that everything ended up in the trash, but much of the previous content, with the exception of the saga in the cinema, was hopelessly eradicated. The licensed video game went through its worst moment with a starkiller and part of the expanded universe dissolving like paper in water.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter suffered the same fate, but seeing its influence on the poster for the new season of The Mandalorian reminds us of an old glory that many could not try and that, today, is something hard to remember. The Star Wars canon has “disappeared”, or has been molded to the extreme, but the mandalorians they live, so we can say that, the fighting continues?