A bastard child of Half-Life and DOOM is the shooter I’m most looking forward to in 2023, and it has a demo on Steam

In recent years, the fever for retro shooters (also called boomer shooters) has been increasing. The mixture between the charm of the old with new ideas and current possibilities has become the ideal material for the authentic bombshell foundations. DUSK and Amid Evil are exemplary representatives of this, but today it is time to talk about one that is somewhat more covered, although no less charming for that: Selaco.

Using the GZDoom engine, one of the many versions of id Software’s classic to be ported to Windows, this FPS mixes the arcade, systems and speed of the shooters of yesteryear with impressive 2D animations, highly polished 3D environments and great cinematic atmosphere. The result, from what I have been able to play, is a very measured balance of elements that demonstrate gender potential.

Mixing some DOOM feel with Half-Life cinematography and the squads of mega-coordinated soldiers that we saw in FEAR, Selaco has earned all my attention through nailing all its sections. The aesthetic and the playable are mixed to bring a great candidate to be one of the best boomer shooters never made. But why?

To begin with, its presentation is impeccable. Dancing between the purely retro and what is clearly the product of some developers in 2022, the visual in this game enters through the eyes and leaves us with a sci-fi world where all the action turns bombastic. Destruction everywhere is their motto, and it is what we will find after each of their confrontations. It’s not just an exchange of bullets, but broken glassbullet holes, and blood and guts covering every inch in our path. If a cinematic air is added to this when guns are not involved, a very successful game comes out, but it is not only visual.

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I have to admit that, personally, I am a bit of a maniac with shooters. The guns that sound like Nerf Guns they throw me back. When I pull the trigger, what I want to feel is power. what i want to feel is assault. what i want to feel is the noise of a weapon capable of destroying what is in front of me, and Selaco does exactly that. In the gameplay video that I have attached to the news you can see that from the first shot everything seems deadly, lethal. Gone are the days of mega-silenced pistols and rifles that seemed to be loaded with pellets. Here we have come to sow chaos in our path.

According to its developers, the title will also have a narrative spirit (which is not very present in the demo, according to themselves) embodied by a cast of voice actors. Its protagonist and his experiences will be zone 0 of the title’s narrative, and they warn that their goal is to create an adventure that is as frantic as it is personal. He is quietly one of the more ambitious examples of the genre that, frankly, I hope can come to fruition. Of course, what I have been able to taste leaves little room for doubt and transmits confidence for a great game that can become a cult title.

Image of Selaco

Selaco’s visual style makes it clear that we are dealing with something special and unique.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a release date yet and you can’t pre-order it, but you can try it out. The demo that the indie studio has shared through the Selaco Steam page is great to go putting our teeth long with this shooter. It’s a pleasure to play it, it’s difficult and colorful, and with a bit of luck we’ll soon be able to get hold of it. Don’t miss it and add it to your wish list!