The compatibility of PSVR 2 on PC has been questioned and they would not work even with the most famous unofficial software

The future of Sony’s virtual reality goes through a PSVR 2 that will be launched next February 22 at a price of 599.99 euros. A highly anticipated premiere and that is crowned as the first launch of the PlayStation brand of this 2023 where perhaps some have considered the possibility of using them on PC. The next generation hardware of the Japanese on PC? The thing is not so clear.

This news places us on the side of Meditator Software. The programmed group that signed iVRy Driver, software that turns Sony’s first-generation PSVR into a PC-compatible device, has spoken about it. In a Reddit thread, the creator has advanced that if we are PC players and we have in mind to buy a PSVR 2 with a view to being used on PC at some point, we will save money. “you would be wasting your moneysince there is no guarantee that you can use it on a PC, and it is most likely you can’t do it“.

Although there is no confirmation since they have not been able to have access to one of these new generation glasses, they do report what expensive which was to bypass the first PSVR. “It took a lot reverse engineering, and at least a year from release before anyone noticed (that they were portable to PC). Then it took a couple more years before it could be used as a PC VR headset.”

Of course, during that time Sony did not show support and, it should be noted, that using the software implies losing the guarantee since the Japanese do not accept its use. Sony’s refusal to any kind of support software to use them on PC make it lucubrate about whether the Japanese they will have encrypted the data in order to prevent this second generation from being brought to PC. If so, “it would take a lot more reverse engineering and years just to get an (output) image.”

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Although this possible no to the use of PSVR 2 on PC makes us think of Sony as a villain, it should be noted that DualSense on this platform is compatible on PC since the launch of the last generation of PlayStation. However, it is to be expected that the Japanese will seek to keep their own hardware for themselves with a view to exclusive use in certain games supported by Sony.