If you don’t trust The Day Before, its creators know it and announce a new look so you don’t believe everything that comes out on networks

The Day Before has become one of the games that has generated the most expectation of this 2023, and not only because of how it looks, but also because of the controversy surrounding it. The MMO plans launch on March 1 after a delay of almost a year behind him and barely a 60-second footage in recent months. Fntastic knows that not all people share their illusion and they have announced a new look at The Day Before to get even.

With its passage through the last CES 2023 at the hands of NVIDIA, people expected that for a launch that has been dazzling the community for months, more and better details would be shared. The situation is far from being the preferred one and, based on the statement released in the discord game official, “we will be posting raw gameplay images, based on the many requests received from our community“.

For now, nothing of gameplay, performance tests or even a release date. According to this channel, it will be launched sometime this January with a view to having a peaceful February and a busy March due to its premiere on the first day of the month. yes, this date seems set in stone and it is that to this day, January 16, the Russian study has not changed its opinion regarding its arrival.

The development team anticipates that these raw imagessomething important for us to see first hand the quality of the game “it will show most of the features and gameplay elements requested by our community and will provide a clear view of the current state“. And it is that, as we have commented before, even its most staunch community has raised their eyebrows with the game.

The Day Before Shares Its PC Requirements: The Zombie MMO Doesn't Look Like The Graphical Beast You'd Expect

The MMO was scheduled to arrive in 2021, something that ended up on paper and then, in 2022, announcing a significant delay to make the leap to Unreal Engine 5. This is one of the most important reasons in this controversyand it is that many consider that the game looks considerably worse than in the first advances.

Although we are facing a “problem” of video compression on YouTube and social networks, many users have wanted to reveal certain details and show a apparent downgrade of the game. Be that as it may, we’ll be keeping an eye on the game’s next moves, especially a release that isn’t yet known to come as early access.