This muzzle microphone turns you into Nezuko in a somewhat ridiculous way, but no one will hear you scream if you lose a game

The hardware advances according to the needs of the gamer or PC users. Noise-cancelling headphones, cameras that follow our faces… We have always tried to improve year by year, even with the most unthinkable follies. Yes, there are companies looking to break the bag with, for example, Aroma Shooter, a device that wants us to “smell” the games; but today we come to talk about “mutalk”a microphone so no one hears you scream and Lightly cosplay Nezuko.

When we say the latter, we do not do it purely as a joke, but it is the first thing that we have thought of in your images. The idea of ​​the Shiftall company with this device is soundproof our voice and that, if we are very frequent to get angry while we play or work at night and we do not want to wake anyone up, we are their target audience.

As noted by MeinMMO colleagues, “the ‘mutalk’ soundproof Bluetooth microphone is an inexpensive and space-saving solution to this problem.” The operation is as simple as cover our mouths (although nothing to bite a cylinder like Nezuko Kamado), hold it to the head and speak freelyalthough perhaps breathing is difficult for us.

And no, we are not talking about a device created as a prank or an “April Fool’s Day” overdue, Shiftall will put it on sale sometime this year 2023 for users in the United States. In fact, its specifications have already been shared and we can see that it has a autonomy of 8 hoursBluetooth 5.1 connection, although it uses USB-C to charge, and it is also macOS and mobile compatible.

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Without a doubt, one of those pots that have earned a place among the most curious things we have been able to see on the networks. But, although he surprises and fascinates us, perhaps, this device is not the first. That achievement is achieved by Hushme Classic, a device from the Hushme brand that works in the same way, repeating the same “muzzle” concept.