This week we can say that Hogwarts Legacy eats Steam as the best-selling game

Hogwarts Legacy is just under a month away from reaching our PCs and consoles. The massive bet in size and intentions of the Avalanche Software studio will render an account on February 10 with a fandom eager to wander around Hogwarts. Of course, although the first week of January the game made cash and submitted to steamit has not been until this Monday when the Valve platform has seen how Hogwarts Legacy dominates sales.

Over the past few days, the open world RPG entered the list of the most purchased on Steam rubbing shoulders with Elden Ring and surpassing, very notably, a Cyberpunk 2077 that has even won back the public. As of today, January 16, the game distributed by Warner Bros. has risen to first place as the best selling steam game of the week.

The situation is clearly important. We don’t just talk about our own game pre-purchases (Hogwarts Legacy reservation is made at full price), but of a project that a certain suspicion has been gained In Internet. The game, being based on the imagery of the controversial author JK Rowling, received all kinds of complaints and part of the players raised their voices with a view to boycotting it.

It was sung: Hogwarts Legacy is a new Steam bestseller before it was released, showing the realities behind its audience

Of course, there is a certain trap, and that is that the list that SteamDB shares based on Steam data, keeps Steam Deck as number 1. By selling the laptop as one more product within its platform, Steam Deck rules the list with a strong hand and without yielding.

As we have mentioned, the game is scheduled to be released next Friday, February 10, 2023, after several delays. If you get the Deluxe Edition of the game, you’ll have up to 72-hour early access to Hogwarts Legacy, among other nice additions.