Lost Ark bans have created an indelible stain on the Steam accounts of its good players

Lost Ark became for many one of the phenomena of the past year 2022. Released shortly before Elden Ring, it knew how to weather the storm of souls from FromSoftware with an overwhelming force that has kept it above 300,000 players in recent months. Of course, the MMO cannot say the same about the ratingsthat have plummeted on steam for an important wave of bans for not playing.

Last week we echoed the massive goodbye to more than 200,000 bots, leaving the MMO in poor player numbers. A decision praised by a community that did not know that the worst was yet to come. The sweep made by Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios to bots it has affected innocent players too that they haven’t started the MMO in the last few weeks or months and, even more worryingly, to your Steam accounts.

By making use of Easy-Anticheat and using the same anti-cheat as a basis for banning, the MMO has left a indelible stain on steam account (Or so it seems). There has also been the case of other users who, seeing what was being put together on Reddit or social networks, have not wanted to enter their accounts for fear of being blocked by VAC.

These apply when an account connects to a protected server by VAC while running cheat software. Easy-Anticheat is linked with Valve’s servers, so in case the game is logged in with one of these bansyou will proceed to receive a vac lock.

It is not known at this time how this may affect other Easy-Anticheat games on Steam, but the community has not taken long to explode. As of today, the game on Steam is accompanied by very worrying negative reviews from no less than 3,527 players. barely a 27% have qualified recently to the game with a “positive”and attending to the criticism, they seem to be players who are not aware of this alarming situation.

Those who have been immersed in the Smilegate and Amazon Games Studios controversy have made clear their refusal to a ban that many consider absurd and that throws them out of the game for not having logged in. Others allude to the personal situations of each one, while some last ones cry out to the sky before the goodbye of some accounts in which they have invested hours and real money, and which right now are banned.

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As we have commented, Amazon Games Studios has found the problem and, according to the game’s official forum, it seems that these accounts have had their status reverted and are not listed as “banned”. However, it remains to be seen the situation within the next few days and, above all, how it affects the vac lock which many have received.