The Division 2 seeks to update for the new generation, although 4 years have passed since its launch

The second part of The Division already has almost four years on the market, and it seems that Ubisoft wants to continue supporting it with new technologies. A new job offer from the French company implies that we could see a graphic modernization of this ambitious online shooter.

Ubisoft seeks to expand its workforce, and for this it is looking for a senior lighting artist. Listing this specifically for The Division 2, this offer is for the Chinese market of Ubisoft Shanghai and is intended to work on title lightingand there are certain aspects of the offer that give us a clue about the future of the work.

The new job offer to work on lighting for The Division 2 seeks several qualifications, and one of the mandatory ones gives us clues about what they want to do with the future of the game. Asking compulsory qualifications in ray tracing and pre-rendered lighting, we may be looking at a patch that adds, among other things, ray tracing to this sequel.

Obviously, there is no official announcement in this regard, but the fact that The Division 2 is specifically mentioned in the title of the vacancy allows us to state with great certainty that the company you want to keep updating your title. Now, with its release on Steam, perhaps the company sees the perfect opportunity to modernize its work.

The Division 2 has just been released on Steam and it already costs less than 10 euros with this offer

Having canceled many projects to the detriment of its actions, it is possible that Ubisoft is thinking of changing its model and opting for improve hit video games that you already have in order to give them a second life instead of taking risks with new projects. This is all just speculation, and we still don’t know anything about what these future plans are.