4 PC releases in the week of January 16 that will bring you different and engaging experiences

One more week begins, and with it we have the possibility of expanding our repertoire of video games. No big bombings for the beginning of the second half of the month, yes we have niche games quite interesting. If you want to take the opportunity to try something new and different, here are 5 games that start their life on Steam and that I have selected for you.

Surviving the Abyss

Surviving The Abyss Image

  • Genders): city builder
  • Release date: January 17 (early access)
  • steam page

Video games for the creation of cities, colonies or management are one of Paradox Interactive’s strengths. Surviving the Abyss is one of them, and it will take you to the bottom of the sea in the 1970s. You will have to face your fears as you expand your colony, manage its resources and focus on survival.


Farlanders Image

This game will also lead you to colonize new frontiers, but in the opposite direction. Go to Mars, terraform it, take advantage of its resources and build your colony. In addition to this, you will also come across alien artifacts and investigate them in order to use them to your advantage.

4 PC releases I recommend keeping on your radar the week of January 9

persona 3 portable

Persona 3 Atlus Image

After the release of Persona 5 Royal on PC, its predecessor is the next to arrive on our platform. At the time, I already wrote several reasons why you should try Persona 3 if you like the genre. Plus you got it too available day 1 on PC Game Pass.

A Space for the Unbound

Image De A Space For The Unbound

Moving on to something a little different, A Space for the Unbound takes you to 1990s rural Indonesia to tell you the story of a boy and a girl with supernatural powers. Being able to get into people’s minds, you’re going to see a story about depression and anxiety.