Only a month has passed and The Callisto Protocol already has its first offer, one that speaks for itself.

The Callisto Protocol had the honor of being one of the last big releases of 2022, but things have not gone well for him. Not having met its sales expectations, which are well below estimates, now the horror game welcomes its first discount.

With all the problems it had during its launch, especially in its unfortunate PC version, sales have not kept up with the effort and hype that this horror video game was given. Not having reached 2 million copies sold (and with projections of arrive until 5 in the first month) The Callisto Protocol has not met its goals anywhere near.

After a stock market collapse of KRAFTON, the publisher of the scary video game and also of PUBG: Battlegrounds, the first discounts for the controversial survival horror. If we look at The Callisto Protocol Steam page, we see that both editions of the game are discounted by 20%.

It may not seem like much at first, but the base edition of The Callisto Protocol it stays at 47.99 euros (being its original price of 59.99). On the other hand, the digital deluxe edition, which also includes its battle pass, sees a discount of 16 euros, going to cost 63.99 eurosinstead of 79.99.

The Callisto Protocol faces 2 more controversies, and favoritism in the credits seems to be the most damaging of all

With the Dead Space remake just around the corner, the situation of the Glen Schofield video game is in danger. This downgrade shows that The Callisto Protocol is on the ropes waiting for its great rival to take advantage of the mixed reviews and below-target sales to position itself as the space horror game of the generation.