Oblivion will have its remake in the Skyrim engine, and its impressive trailer confirms its launch window

For fans of modding and total conversions, the Skyblivion project is practically legendary by now. Porting all of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to the Skyrim engine is no easy task, and its developers they are taking their time so that everything arrives in the best possible way. Now, with its new trailer, we know its release window.

The legendary Bethesda RPG that came to us in 2006 has already lagged a bit behind on a technical level, and the creators of this mod they have been since 2012 looking to transfer this adventure to a new engine. With all the benefits of the technological improvements seen in the series, Skyblivion will not only include all the content of the original game, but even extra missions.

Since the project began, the philosophy of his team has been to say that it will come out when it is ready. With such a considerable size, it is normal that this highly ambitious project has been in the oven for a long time, and it seems that it still has a long time left before we can taste it, but we can already mark it. one year on our calendar.

The latest and impressive trailer that its creators have released allows us to take a look at one of the most exciting recreations in the video game fan industry. If this is already a delight to see, closing by commenting that they already have a chosen year is the ideal icing on the cake. It will be in 2025 when we can play The Elder Scrolls: Skyblivion.

The most amazing modder of The Elder Scrolls Oblivion is one of the most recognizable writers of modern fantasy literature

Although it is true that we do not have a date, this is the first time that this dedicated development team dares to give us clues when we can enjoy this impressive adventure. In addition, they have also proclaimed that this is the latest we will see this premiere, saying that with the support of the fans, they may even exceed their own estimates and let’s see it before. Be that as it may, now it’s time to arm yourself with patience and wait until another two years from now.