No, the Ubisoft game with the longest development record in history hasn’t been canceled this week (yet)

Confirmed in 2008, the adventure game from Raymand’s father, Beyond Good and Evil, announced its sequel with a view to launching it on the market throughout the second decade of the 2000s. Today, January 13, the game continues to hold promise. unfulfilled, but Beyond Good and Evil 2 is not deadat least it hasn’t been culled by Ubisoft yet and still in development.

Although the news would not be very important, we are talking about a critical week for Ubisoft. The Gauls have been involved in a sixth delay to Skull and Bones, the fall in the international stock market and, in addition, the cancellation of 3 games of the brand. A trio of bad news that dissipates with the first good, or at least bittersweet, news in a long time: Beyond Good and Evil 2 It is not part of those canceled projects.

Many, when reading that “3 games canceled by Ubisoft”, perhaps we do not think about the massive bet of michel ancel and up to 5 subsidiaries within Ubisoft itself immersed in it, but it has been a doubt for years. According to PcGamesN, who has had the pleasure of speaking with Ubisoft, he adds that, in fact, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is not paralyzed, its development is still underway.

“The development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is underway and the team is working hard to fulfill his ambitious promise”, reads the statement from the Gauls to the American media. And it is that, among many problems and an extensive list of doubts and delays, Beyond Good and Evil 2 boasts a curious and striking trophy: that of being the longest development in history.

Perhaps you can think of games like STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, even The Elder Scrolls VI, but while those 2 have gone through periods of silence and rumors, as well as reboots, the Ubisoft game has been “in active development” since 2008. Its presence in the past E3 was notoriouswith up to 2 spectacular participations in 2017 and 2018.

In fact, this first one is remembered with great affection because it not only included Michel Ancel and himself on the same stage Yves Guillemot as the biggest bet we have seen to date by the Gauls; but the hopes and the team darling they were so unique that we could almost tell them through the screen.

Of course, for the moment it will remain to wait for a possible new release date although, in Beyond Good and Evil 2’s defense, he never had one. Be that as it may, the game remains current on the Gauls’ agenda and we only hope that its arrival occurs before the end of the decade.