If you have an AMD graphics card and use Google, be aware that it is full of malware disguised as “official drivers”

Although both AMD and NVIDIA have developed and distributed their own software for obtaining and downloading drivers, many still use traditional browsers to find the most up-to-date version of their GPU. It is normal, we have all done it and it is very common if you have slightly older graphics cards. However, you have to be very careful and it is that Google It is offering fake drivers for AMD loaded with malware as “official graphics driver downloads”.

The situation is complex, but it can be reduced to a minimum if we take into account that we are talking about ads either “sponsored” posts that we should download the latest official drivers. The PCWorld medium has echoed this problem, and it is that if we search Google for the phrase “AMD driver (or driver),” some of the first answers that it throws at us are meticulously created fake portals.

Apparently, the Google algorithm would not be doing its job when filtering these dangerous ads that disguise themselves as a verified site and that they even copy AMD’s design and branding for the website. The dangerous thing comes with its links to .exe files that hide malware waiting for the most naive user to click to infect their PC.

The PcGamer portal anticipates that although they can be detected with a deeper look, since some links have a somewhat confusing text distribution (for example, links have been found with the text “Automatically detect and install driver updates for AMD graphics Radeon Series and Ryzen chipsets”), pass completely unnoticed for him untrained eye. Something that, unfortunately, is not new and that generates some distrust towards the filtering system of the Google search engine.

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From 3DJuegosPC the best advice we can give is never trust any website Y depend solely AMD Radeon Software and GeForce Experience software to download new drivers. In case they are not accessible or you have formatted the PC (also if it is a new installation) always go to the official AMD or NVIDIA page and without leaving it, click on their official redirection links.