The Division 2 has just been released on Steam and it already costs less than 10 euros with this offer

The Division quickly became one of the most exciting and anticipated Ubisoft franchises of the past decade. Of course, its arrival on Steam was canceled in 2019 in favor of an exclusive premiere on the French platform, and now 4 years later The Division 2 arrives with a offer that leaves it at 9 euros.

The game arrived yesterday after almost five years on Uplay, before moving on to Ubisoft Connect. 4 years where the only way to play it was under the hand of the Gauls, although its first installment did not move from the Valve platform and has gathered a few hundred dedicated players over the years.

In this case, the sequel leads us to Washington instead of the New York of the first game a few weeks after the catastrophe that wiped out half the American population. As in that work from 2016, the game offers us a wide map to fight the AI enemy with our friends, and a pvp scenario to get more loot at the risk of being mugged by another human user.

The arrival of the game on Steam does so in 3 editions which we detail below: