Ubisoft loses millions of euros on the stock market in 24 hours, and it is not even the biggest of its problems

Ubisoft is in an extremely difficult situation. Throughout 2022, many voices arose clamoring for an external purchase of the energy company. Yves Guillemot. While the businessman doesn’t seem to have changed his mind, the recent delay of Skull and Bones and the cancellation of a total of 3 games have made Ubisoft fall on the stock market with a loss of more than 25% in the value of your shares.

According to the British portal Reuters, the value of its shares fell to cost 19.38 euros at 8 in the morning today, January 12. If we look at the opening of the market on January 2, with a value close to 27.10 euros per share, we are facing a Important problem. Although there are a thousand and one factors that we could indicate as the cause of this mess, the news arrives just after the bump yesterday from Skull and Bones.

Apparently, shareholders are having their reservations when it comes to investing and distrust reigns. In fact, if we look back and review the data provided by Ubisoft itself, Guillemot’s company has lost the 55% of the value of your shares during the past year 2022 (although it must be taken into account that the fiscal year until March does not end).

As the colleagues from 3DJuegos rescue, the drop in the price of Ubisoft’s shares is not something capital, it is the distrust his shareholders. It should also be noted that Ubisoft announced an investment of Chinese capital by Tencent for the future of the company. Although it is unlikely that Tencent will decide to break ties with the Europeans, the reluctance of the largest company of the “Asian giant” could lead to a Domino effect with other shareholders, private and public.

Watch Dogs: Legion will also make the move to Steam, and we already know when it will abandon its exclusivity with Ubisoft Connect

Despite the injection of Asian capital, Guillemot made it clear that the company was not sold and would be in charge of his familywho have been taking their course since its founding in 1986. Even so, many voices call for a possible purchase of the company with a view to recovering the old Ubisoft that ate every E3 in which it appeared.