The Dead Space movie may be real, and John Carpenter himself tells us about it

In recent years, adaptations of video games on big and small screens They are only increasing by leaps and bounds. With movies and series grabbing headlines almost every day, bigger and bigger names are jumping on the bandwagon. Today, it’s time to talk about how terrifying Dead Space could be in our theaters, and get excited about the words by John Carpenter.

Far from being surprising, it basically makes sense to think that with the rebirth of the saga at the hands of the remake of the game, Electronic Arts wants to go back to betting on the space horror franchise. more gore of video games. We don’t have any confirmation about it, but we do have a suspicious statement from one of the most decorated directors of horror movies.

During an interview with the Anglo-Saxon publication Variety, John Carpenter, acclaimed director behind masterpieces such as Halloween, La Niebla and La Cosa, spoke about the future of his career. When one of the questions came, he was forced to deny the fact that he was in charge of a supposed Dead Space movie, but the way he did it has hinted that the project may be up and running.

“No no no. `[…] I was looking at RED’s new digital cameras and casually mentioned that I’d love to do a Dead Space movie,” the director begins. “That started getting talked about and everyone was like, ‘Oh, when are you going to do it?’ I am not going to do it. I think they already have another director involved and I have not been asked to do so. So until someone asks me, I’m not going to do it.” He concluded, leaving us wondering if he had really said what he had said.

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If the filmmaker was right, he could have leaked one of the most ambitious projects of the adaptations practically without realizing. Obviously, this is not a confirmation of anything and, before throwing the bells into flight, we should wait for more details from official sources associated with the project. Of course, personally, I hope you let me dream about how this terrifying project of being real can be.