We tell you what the error is and how to solve it

To this day, the frequencies of the processors, despite being important, share prominence with their cores. With CPUs that have 6, 8, 12 or even 24 of these, being able to take advantage of them is very important. If you have a Ryzen 7600X, or other Ryzen 7000 processors, you have to be careful, because a bug in the firmwares of the red team has caused chaos by disabling some of these. Luckily, AMD has a solution for us.

The fateful bug deactivates one of the cores of these red team processors, something undesirable for those who have decided to trust Zen 4 to improve their computers. Although several Ryzen 7000 are affected by this, and, therefore, have seen their performance reduced, the worst part is taken by one specific model. The Ryzen 7600X with dual CCD loses its Core0, causing it to the system does not start. But what is this double CCD?

You see, it turns out that not all Ryzen 7600Xs are created equal. Some use two CCDs even though it’s not necessary, as AMD reuses high-end silicon that doesn’t meet its quality and performance control of higher-end processors to less powerful CPUs. Thus, it is possible not to waste material from the wafers and to produce more useful processors. It is by this procedure that there are 7600X processors that share characteristics with their older brothers, and these are the most affected today, although not the only ones.

That being said, if you have the version AGESA firmware (SMU 84.79.204), it is very important that you check that it is not affecting your performance, even if you do not have a 7600X. Having a disabled kernel can have a serious impact on performance of your computer, in addition to wasting the power for which you have paid.

No, AMD will not spread love with the release date of its Ryzen 7000X3D

Luckily, AMD is not only already aware of all this, but has worked with major motherboard manufacturers such as GIGABYTE, MSI or Asus to release an updated and fixed version of the firmware. So, if you go to the official page of the manufacturer of your motherboard, you can search for the SMU 84.79.210 and then install it. Of course, you do not have the affected firmware installed, it is not recommended to install this new one, because it is still in beta. Luckily, the affected firmware version is quite recent, so not many users have suffered the consequences of this error.