all about patch 10.0.5

We know that Blizzard has big plans for Dragonflight, the latest WoW expansion to date, during 2023. Having already seen the World of Warcraft roadmap for this year, we know that January is a key month for this new chapter in Azeroth’s history, and today we already know the date in which the new content will arrive to the online game.

The quintessential MMORPG will release the first of its 6 big patches of the year this month, bringing with it the controversial trading post, which has been equated to some kind of battle pass by the community, in addition to other news. Knowing that it was coming this month, its opening day is already official, and it will be very soon.

On the other hand, the Primalists continue with their plans to dominate Azeroth, and your job will be to seal their portals. The fury of the storm will be an event that will trigger every 6 hours and will ask you to go to the Time Confluence portal in Thaldraszus. Here you can obtain Essence of the Storm, which can be exchanged for rewards such as the Skyhide Hornstrider mount or the Time-Lost Vorquin Foal pet.

For the trading post, it should be noted that every month there will be changes in the activities it offers, in addition to the rewards that we can obtain. Although the patch will be coming to World of Warcraft in January, it won’t be until February 1 when we can start making use of it. From there, the 1st of each month will be the date on which it will be renewed.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's crafting system will change because "is far from perfect"

Your wardrobe will also expand, admitting objects of common and poor quality (white and gray, respectively). Any items you equip will be bound when you do so and will be added to your skin collection so you can combine them into your transmog sets.

Now that you know everything that Dragonflight will bring the 10.0.5 update, it’s time to say when it will be available. Blizzard has announced, through an official statement, that this new version of the game will arrive next Tuesday, January 24. Except for the trading post, all the news it includes will be available that same day.