Will Hogwarts Legacy be playable on the Steam Deck? Warner Bros. solves the doubt

There is less than a month left until the launch of Hogwarts Legacy. The Harry Potter game without the teenage wizard is expected to be the biggest launch of a Wizarding World that has only been able to appear in video games through adaptations of Daniel Radcliffe’s films or minor mobile games. Yes indeed, Will Hogwarts Legacy be playable on Steam Deck? We already have an answer.

Playing our PC games wherever we want has become a necessity since the release of Steam Deck. While laptops have been around for over 40 years, Valve’s “extension of the PC” came with thunderous force in 2021. Optimizing a game for the laptop is hard, but Warner Bros. Games support has confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy it will be a verified game for Steam Deck from the first minute.

At the moment, the game on its official Steam page is not crowned with a “Verified”, but the American team has confirmed that once the next one will go on sale Feb. 10, it will appear as such. Regardless of how long it takes for Valve to update game information on its platform, the equipment confirmation of development is more than enough to ensure that touring Hogwarts from bed will be possible.

Yes indeed, how will the performance be? Avalanche Software has updated the technical requirements on PC this week and although the minimum and recommended requirements have not changed at all, panic has spread due to a possible bad optimization. Likewise, the game will have Denuvo since its release, so it is to be expected that its performance on the laptop will have room for improvement as the weeks leading up to launch roll by.

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At the moment, the game has been crowned as one of the best sellers on Steam, and that has not gone on sale. Hogwarts Legacy sweeps the Valve platform apart from the boycott and criticism, although it has also gained some controversy due to a plot full of abuse, segregation and others against some characters within the game that have only generated a certain amount of distrust towards the writings of JK Rowling.