Reserve Hogwarts Legacy cheaper thanks to this offer that leaves all editions below their official price

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated and powerful releases of 2023 is Hogwarts Legacy. The RPG from the Harry Potter saga which recently became the most desired in all of Steam becomes one of the stars of the year, and, although you can already reserve it in the Valve store, you also have other options to save you money in a completely reliable and legitimate way.

And it is that, as excited as we are by the great triple A releases, they always come with a fairly considerable price. costing €59.99 on Steam currently (69.99 for deluxe edition), Hogwarts Legacy is not very cheap, and any discount is welcome.

Although it is true that today’s offer is not going to leave it at 10 euros, that is what you are going to save. A 15% discount It is something that is appreciated and that reduces the title to 51 euro for its basic edition and 60 for the deluxesaving us a sixth of the purchase and perhaps allowing someone to make the leap to the most prick instead of the normal edition.

But how can we do this if there are no offers on Steam for the latest in the Harry Potter universe? Well, it’s very easy! And no, we are not going to go to key sellers with dubious reputations. Green Man Gaming, official distributor store of many video game publishers is the key. There you can get Hogwarts Legacy for 50.99 euros, while the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition costs 59.49 euros. If you have never shopped here, don’t worry, these games they can be activated on Steam without problem.

Hogwarts Legacy finds in The Boys the actor who has given life to one of its most important secondary roles

At GMG, you will have official Steam keys that come directly from video game developers and publishers (in this case, the source is Warner Bros. itself). This offer does have an expiration date, though it’s not one you need to worry too much about if you want to pre-order the game. The discount will end on launch day, which it will be on february 10