These are the 9 great promises for the genre that will reach beyond 2023

The online gaming market, especially that of MMORPGs, is becoming more competitive every day and brings together some of the most ambitious and interesting video games in the industry. 2023 is going to be a very important year for these, both for those who are already established and for new contenders. Today we are going to talk about the seconds, which bring with them powerful premises and lots of potential.

Throne and Liberty by NCSoft

Initially it was going to be Lineage III, but it ended up abandoning this premise and distancing it from that universe. Its developers propose a frenetic and in-depth combat, while focusing on its open world and the concept of the freedom for all Players.

Throne and Liberty, the new from the parents of Lineage, releases a trailer, and they don't call it "the hope of the MMO in 2023" you are welcome

Blue Protocol by Bandai Namco

From the hand of Bandai Namco, comes Blue Protocol. The focus here is on its controls and combat, which will be highly customizable to adapt to the preferences of each person. It will have a beta that you can sign up for right now, but it does not have a date yet.

Funcom’s Dune Awakening

Funcom returns and takes us to Arrakis in the survival mmo of Dune. According to its developers, the game will not have loading screens and all players will share a single world. Dune Awakening will also have a beta that you can sign up for.

Night Crows, by WEMADE

Seeking to bring an experience full of great graphics, Night Crows uses Unreal Engine 5 to bring an experience that enters through the eyes. Apart from that, its developers promise 16 different classes, 1000 player PvP and combat that mixes the terrestrial with the aerial.

Ashes of Creation by Intrepid Studios

In this MMO, your actions are going to have a tangible and dynamic impact on the world. According to their creators, cities will be born and die as you give it shape to its huge open world. All this will happen in real time, and you will be able to choose what you want to keep or destroy. You can start trying it out if you get one of its Voyager editions.

Project F, from Riot Games

  • Follow him from the official Riot Games channels
  • It has no announced release window.
  • He has barely let us see a few seconds of gameplay

little is known from the elusive Project F, except that the League of Legends MMO still has a long time in the oven. If you expect something faithful to the Runeterra universe, yes, this may be the ideal video game for you.

The League of Legends MMO was announced to avoid one of the problems of the recent video game

Archeage 2 by Kakao Games

Another title that UE5 adopts. We know that will share world with its prequel, although it will have a new story that will revolve around an ancient lost civilization and the mysteries that surround it. His combat has lots of actionRPGfocusing on dodges and finding the ideal moment to attack.

Chrono Odyssey by Npixel

formerly known as Project S, Chrono Odyssey boasts content thanks to three key points: its 18 classes, dungeons with a tactical focus, and RvR content that will pit its players against each other.

DokéV, by Pearl Abyss

Without a doubt, it is the most peculiar game on the entire list. With its casual air and full of fun, the game invites us to capture korean folklore creatures. The thing does not stop there, but the title will have very dynamic exploration and platforming, as well as colorful and dynamic combat.