Overwatch 2 Gives A Free Legendary Skin With Twitch Drops, And The Community Aren’t Happy About It

Since the launch of Overwatch 2, there are several times that we have talked about the legendary skins that Blizzard’s FPS gives away. As if trying to appease those upset about their battle pass, its creators continue to offer free alternatives, and the Lunar New Year event was not going to be without it, this time coming in the form of Twitch drops. Of course, it seems that the community is not satisfied with this.

Announced through the shooter’s social networks, Overwatch 2 will have a new free legendary skin that you can get if you use the Twitch drop system. Accumulating 6 hours of viewing on the streaming platform, you will be able to get Moira Masked Dancer, plus a victory pose. For new players, this is a real joy, but veterans are not very happy.

Having been able to obtain this skin already through the old loot box system, many comments point out how what is wanted they are not refried, but new items that can satisfy old and new players alike. In addition to that, the use of drops for this is also criticized, since many people prefer to obtain these rewards playing fps.

The proliferating use of Twitch for rewards is something that has been discussed quite a bit in the community ever since the game’s business model was changed. There are those who applaud him, because eliminates the need to farm to be able to get the aspects and objects they want, something that is contrary to the opinion that in this way Blizzard manages to artificially inflate the figures of the game on the Amazon streaming platform.

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Be that as it may, one thing is certain: these Twitch drops are already available to be obtained. If you go to the platform and look for channels that are playing the title whose description refers to them, you will be able to get the free rewards. This event will last until the 25th of this month, don’t let it pass you by!