only one manufacturer is managing to save the furniture

Everything was happiness in the summer of 2021. PC sales were skyrocketing and the PC market, the one that many thought was dead, rose strongly from its ashes. The pandemic and its impact on telecommuting led to a spectacular boom in those sales, but the market was expected to slump once COVID-19 was (quite) behind. The forecasts have been fulfilled, and in what way.

setback. Canalys, IDC, and Gartner have released their PC sales data for Q4 2022, and they all agree: After the sales boom of 2021, last year saw a very steep drop in sales. One that was even more pronounced in that fourth quarter compared to the same period in 2021: 28% less according to IDC, 28.5% according to Gartner and 29% according to Canalys. Data includes desktop PCs and laptops based on Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS.

A terrible end of the year. These data mean that the global balance of 2022 for manufacturers has been very bad. Sales had held up during the first months, but the drop has been increasing and the drop in sales between 2022 and 2021 has been approximately 16%.

or maybe not so much. Some analysts such as Ryan Reith, from IDC, pointed out that these data seem especially bad because we came from a spectacular 2021, and that must be taken into account because, as in his words, any comparison with that year was going to be “distorted”.


Apple, the only one that can withstand the downpour. Almost all manufacturers are around 30% losses, but there is one that manages to relatively save furniture. Apple fell just 2.1%, a result that could almost be considered as good considering the falls of Lenovo, HP, Dell and ASUS.

Neither Black Friday nor Christmas. The drop is even more worrying if we take into account that the data includes sales from traditionally strong times such as Black Friday and Christmas. The reductions that many applied those days do not seem to have helped much, and according to Gartner this is the largest drop they have seen in a quarter since they began recording this type of data in the mid-90s.

In 2023 the thing will not change, it will in 2024. These consultants, however, seem to believe that the situation will stabilize in 2023 with a slight rise at the end of that year or perhaps at the beginning of 2024, when according to them there will be some recovery in this market. The situation in China does not help.

But the prices don’t help.. It is true that the offers are there, especially in equipment with components of the last generation, but inflation (and the hunger of manufacturers for profits) has caused prices to make buying a new PC or laptop of the latest generation too expensive. .

Picture: Joshua Woroniecki