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With the thunder of Vinicius and Rodrygo like a jackal, Real Madrid was crowned Cup champion for the twentieth time. Along the way, the meritorious Osasuna stayed, brave and raw until the end. Anyone would have given up before a Madrid launched by an unstoppable Vinicius. But with a moving voluntarism the rojillos endured, firm throughout the final. A lot of effort, but a lot of Vinicius. Irresistible for the Pamplona team, which ended up on the shoulders of its fans, with cramped legs and a sucked-in heart. Insufficient before the white royalty, which is handled like few others in the finals, even though the Cup finals have not generally been the best of their infinite repertoire. Twenty wins and twenty losses. But Ancelotti is not going to leave even the crumbs. He directed the victorious 2014 Cup, Madrid’s penultimate final.

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Courtois, Eder Militao, Alaba, Camavinga, Dani Carvajal, Aurelien Tchouameni (Rüdiger, min. 69), Federico Valverde, Kroos (Modric, min. 81), Benzema, Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo (Marco Asensio, min. 89)



Herrera, Jon Moncayola, Aridane, Juan Cruz, David García, Rubén Peña (Rubén García, min. 75), Abde (Kike Barja, min. 75), Aimar Oroz, Moi Gómez (Kike García, min. 86), Lucas Torró (Pablo Ibáñez, min. 86) and Ante Budimir (Chimy Ávila, min. 69)

goals 1-0 min. 2: Rodrigo. 1-1 min. 57: Lucas Torro. 2-1 min. 70: Rodrigo.

Referee Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez

Yellow cards Jon Moncayola (min. 21), David García (min. 37), Eder Militao (min. 40), Vinicius Junior (min. 44), Camavinga (min. 74), Kike Barja (min. 83), Federico Valverde ( min. 89), Courtois (min. 93) and Pablo Ibáñez (min. 94)

In La Cartuja a party prevailed over the general: the one in which Vinicius overwhelmed Moncayola. The abuse began almost in the warm-up, as it took the Brazilian a minute and 52 seconds to make the Navarrese sound, a good midfielder converted to an orthopedic winger due to Nacho Vidal’s injuries. Jagoba Arrasate decreed a double prison for Vinicius with the Moncayola and Rubén Peña brigades. In vain. The meeting still had no chatter when this Brazilian winger with Jamaican legs and fleas on his waist made his two bailiffs skid. Rodrygo finished the work of his comrade. Osasuna before a spatial feat, with a goal behind him in the blink of an eye and Vinicius unleashed. The torture of Moncayola was dismaying! The carioca took off the chain with his pedaling, successfully challenged him in short and long… After twenty minutes he already carried a card.

Madrid, with Vinicius as standard bearer, played with ease, with Alaba as a channel from the rear, with Kroos’s telescope. The Navarrese box, always with worn soles, did not find the shock treatment for Vinicius, but, at least, he managed to hang and hang balls in the area, where Budimir and Torró caught a couple of headers. The first warnings for Courtois.

On the opposite side, Vinicius, of course, scared off Moncayola again, met Rodrygo and he joined Benzema, whose shot Herrera deflected.

Osasuna had no connection with Abde, his Vinicius. Until the rojillo fled from Carvajal, who had him under arrest, he crossed the shore and left Militão on the ground, still with the shit of recent weeks. Abde’s mincemeat against Courtois was herded by Carvajal under the crossbar. A wave for Osasuna. And two white replicas. Alaba took splinters from the left corner of Herrera’s goal with the launch of a free kick. And Vinicius, of course, made it 2-0 with a warped shot that missed his finger. At halftime, Osasuna had fulfilled his role as a resister. A commendable leap of faith. A chupinazo was about to arrive.

Madrid frozen after the intermission, the boys from Arrasate did not remit in the second act. Abde and Peña gave more flight along the banks, Moi Gómez gained in governance and Torró cut the cables through the funnel. And it was Torró himself who left Real ironed with a rifle kick from the balcony of the area. Not even Courtois’ kilometric arms prevented the draw. Suddenly, La Cartuja was La Estafeta, with the rojillo environmental clothing on fire. Even Moncayola felt relief… A while alone. Because Vinicius never leaves. Just when the two technicians maneuvered —Camavinga left the side to play Tchouameni and Chimy gave Budimir a breather— Vinicius plugged in again. He sprinted, climbed over the goal line and when the ball ruminated the line he put the toe in time. After a shot from Valverde, the rebound reached Rodrygo, who didn’t flinch before Sergio Herrera. Rodrygo, that punctual scorer of famous nights.

Vinicius, with the champion's cup, this Saturday in Seville.
Vinicius, with the champion’s cup, this Saturday in Seville.Alejandro Ruesga (EL PAÍS)

Osasuna, again in tow, another mountain range ahead and with the waning time. He had no choice but the heroic weakness. Like soft drinks, Kike Barja and Rubén García. And the acclaimed Modric by his colleague Kroos. The first to fly to Osasuna. The Croatian to fasten the game, with the giant lungs of Camavinga and Valverde. And the duel led to a close also marked by Vinicius, who fell short of an assist to Benzema that seemed terminal. Vinicius to get up early and Vinicius for the evening. Vinicius was worth a Cup. And the ones he has left. At the moment, with haste, Manchester City in sight next Tuesday. For Osasunism, an unforgettable night. There are defeats and defeats. The one from La Cartuja didn’t even seem like it.

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