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Harry Kane scored the first goal against Nottingham Forest this Saturday and celebrated it with the most somber gesture that is remembered in the course of a celebration. The packed stadium trembled under the exaltation of the Tottenham fans, happy to verify that the team won 3-1 and channeled its status as top-four of the Premier. They had just been eliminated from the Champions League in the round of 16, against Milan, and the atmosphere had become rare due to the statements by Kane, a reserved guy who never says anything resonant and who gave the first sign on Wednesday that he was not comfortable in the club of his life “Tottenham should be winning trophies; that is always the goal,” he protested. “Be content with top-four it is a consequence of not playing as well as we should”.

Phil Jackson described Harry Kane without knowing it when one day he was asked about Pau Gasol. “He wasn’t the best. four of the history of the NBA because for that he needed a little more strength in his legs”, he said; “But he had an intelligence that no center has had. Pau is an Albert Einstein of basketball”.

The legendary coach of the Bulls and the Lakers gave his verdict years ago, during a congress organized in Chicago by a consultancy that now advises Bayern in its attempt to sign the Tottenham striker. If Kane, the most distinguished attacker in existence, has not won a Ballon d’Or, it is because he lacks the power in his legs to move his heavy trunk at high speed. He makes up for it with superlative coordination and outstanding intellectual pursuits. If there is a footballer who has in his head everything that happens on a playing field during every minute of action, it is the Englishman with the sad eyes. This was recognized by Mauricio Pochettino, the coach who led him in his formative years. Put in charge of a great club, integrated into a team whose game volume supplies him with more balls, his power would amplify the competitive possibilities of all the teammates around him.

Kane’s name was circulating by word of mouth last week in Munich, before and after the outcome of Bayern’s round of 16 tie against PSG. After months of rumors, Uli Hoeness, former president of the Bavarian club and member of the executive council, publicly admitted on Monday, March 6, that Germany’s most powerful sports institution is pursuing the signing of the most important player in the England team.

“He is almost 30 years old and last year Tottenham turned down a €160m offer from Manchester City,” Hoeness said during an interview on Sky. “This year they are not going to ask for less. I can imagine that the day a player signs for Bayern in exchange for 100 million is approaching. I personally don’t think we should pay that. I’ve already given my opinion on the Kane case. But I am only one of the nine members of the committee and if the others approve that he come, we will sign him ”.

Hoeness, who within Bayern always expressed his appreciation for Kane, is one of the most important voices, not only in the executive committee but before the board headed by Oliver Kahn. The president and the coach, Julian Nagelsmann, are the main instigators of one of the most complex operations that have been undertaken in football.

Independent agents working for Bayern and United have already forwarded their respective offers to Kane. United promises him close to 40 million euros gross per season. Bayern, something less. The footballer, who ends his contract with Tottenham in 2024, must decide whether to go free after playing another season in London, the most lucrative option, since it would allow him to collect the transfer bonus, or break his relationship this summer. Daniel Levy, the president of Tottenham, does not want to sell it but maintains that what Kane wants will be done. Club owner Joe Lewis would prefer to make cash. And if he is selling the player to a club on the continent, even better. Tottenham are willing to lower the price to Bayern. In this way they would avoid strengthening a direct rival in the Premier.

change the world order

What for months developed as a great underground game, gradually comes to light. According to an agent involved in the operation with contacts with Tottenham, Bayern and Manchester United, what is about to break out is “the third football world war”. Manchester United is willing to break the market for Kane and Bayern plans to make the biggest transfer offer in its history for a footballer who is also the English icon par excellence of the Premier, the English league, the most important national tournament. prestigious that exists. The reason behind the commercial clash between the two clubs is simple, according to experts. United manager Erik ten Hag’s reports reflect the same possibilities as reports warning his counterpart Nagelsmann. This is how one of the prospectors who has worked on them warns: “If Frenkie de Jong finally decides to stay another season at Barcelona, ​​Kane will become the only player on the market with the potential to transform the team he plays for until generate an imbalance of forces in the world order of club football”.

The debate pervades England and Germany. “He would be a great fit for Bayern, with a lot of quick players who can supply him with a lot of balls from the wings,” says Dietmar Hamann, a former Germany player who played for Liverpool. “I would like to see Kane in a team that aspires to the Champions League.”

City take three points from the Palace field

Tottenham took a big step to settle in Champions League positions this Saturday. The victory over Nottingham Forest places them in fourth place in the standings with 48 points after 27 games played. Behind is Liverpool, who lost in Bournemouth (1-0) and is fifth with 42 points after 26 games. Manchester City repeated in the field of Crystal Palace (0-1) another exhibition of courage and ambition to stay in the race. Guardiola’s team, second classified, has 61 points and is three behind Arsenal, which today defends the lead on the Fulham field (3:00 p.m., DAZN).

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