This is how we recounted Barcelona’s victory over Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey classic | Sports

The classic, always so loaded with pending accounts, arrived submerged in the mud of the Negreira case. There was plenty of fuel there to ignite the Madrid stands. An hour and a half before the match began, a hundred Real Madrid fans had gathered in the vicinity of the Santiago Bernabéu for the first portion of the protest. They carried a small banner with the currency of the night: “Corruption in the Federation!”. The song had already caught on in the stadium days ago, and even on the bench, where it was read on the lips of Dani Ceballos. But the visit of Barcelona, ​​the club that had paid the number two of the referees for almost two decades, was the great night of disappointment. They had printed hundreds of 500 euro bills with the face of Joan Laporta. They shouted against the federation. Also against the president of Barça, who in his previous term quadrupled the payments to Enríquez Negreira. “Laporta, drop the pasta!” They shouted under a shower of papers. Little floating pieces of outrage.

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