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Subscriber to defeat -up to six in a row-, Espanyol finally tied a game after closing their goal against Cádiz. In any case, it is not a good result for the blue and whites, who ended up subduing their rival and the wood returned two shots from Joselu, symbol of an exercise in sterility that keeps the team in the low places of the League. He still doesn’t know how to win Espanyol after being beaten by Athletic and Betis. Sergio González’s Cádiz, parakeet like Luis García, defended well and missed two very clear chances to score the victory before the resignation of the RCDE Stadium fans.



Pacheco, Adrià Pedrosa (Aleix Vidal, min. 54), Sergi Gómez, Cabrera (Denis Suárez, min. 78), Óscar Gil, César Montes, Darder, José Gragera (Keidi, min. 64), Melamed (Javi Puado, min. 64), Joselu and Braithwaite



Jeremias Ledesma, Fali (Victor Chust, min. 19), Luis Espino, Luis Hernández, Iza, Rubén Alcaraz, Fede (Iván Alejo, min. 66), T. Bongonda (Álex Fernández, min. 65), Rubén Sobrino, Sergi Guardiola (Roger, min. 89) and Chris Ramos


Referee Juan Martinez Munuera

Yellow cards Óscar Gil (min. 10), Cabrera (min. 25), César Montes (min. 30), Fede (min. 39), Aleix Vidal (min. 66) and Iza (min. 68)

Luis García has not yet had time to find the team, and even less so with a stable lineup, conditioned by the need to score points, especially at the Cornellà-El Prat venue. Pressed by the situation in the table and lacking unbalanced players at the ends, the coach opted to try to strengthen the defensive line, the third most thrashed in the League, with a defense of three center-backs, and reinforced the inside game with a subtle footballer like Nico Melamed. The midfielder, however, did not connect with the scorers Braithwaite and Joselu, the sides were shallow and Darder was not fine.

Cádiz held up well to Espanyol’s initial onslaught and little by little gained field and ball, comfortable on the field and protagonist of the best occasion until the break after a free ball that Sergi Guardiola did not catch. The blue and whites did not close the right flank and Sergio González’s boys handled themselves better on the field, more liberated than Espanyol. Tension blocked Luis García’s team. The fans did not know what face to make before the tone of a closed match, lacking in football and plays, pending individual action or strategy, a shot from a scorer like Joselu.

The international striker hit the post after a good cross from Darder. Nor did Cabrera find the goal shortly after, when Espanyol came on and Cádiz went out. The start of the second half encouraged the blue and white fans, who flocked to the stadium, to the point that the match registered the best attendance of the season: 28,512 spectators compared to the 26,231 in the match against Celta. The goal then fell short of the blue and white side after Joselu finished off a cross from Melamed offside. The wheel of changes further increased Espanyol’s dominance.

Luis García ended up resorting to Denis Suárez for Cabrera and Espanyol redoubled their offensive against a very defensive Cádiz, spectator of a second shot at Joselu’s crossbar. Espanyol, eager to win, missed their aim to win a game that had worked very well with the wind in favor of the RCDE Stadium. The blue and whites did not know how to score and Cádiz was about to beat Pacheco at the end in a cross shot from Alejo. Sergio González’s team ended up taking a point from a stadium that soon awaits the visits of Getafe de Sánchez Flores and Almería de Rubi.

The parade of ex-blue and white coaches does not exactly favor the emotional and football control that Espanyol needs to come back in the League.

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