The Spanish basketball team presents the special centenary jersey | Sports

Black, with gold letters and numbers and 10 stars that represent the 10 gold medals of Spanish basketball in the major tournaments in the men’s and women’s categories. This is the special shirt of the Spanish team that the Federation presented this Tuesday at its museum in Alcobendas. It will be the garment that the national teams wear this summer as part of the commemorative acts of the centenary of the federation. Red and white will continue to be the traditional colors of La Familia in the two big events for the absolute teams: the women’s European Championship, from June 15 to 25 in Slovenia; and the men’s World Cup, from August 25 to September 10 in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Among the celebratory acts (the Federation was founded on July 31, 1923) there is also the publication of a book about the success of the past Eurobasket and the so-called Centenary Tournament, which will bring together the men’s teams from Spain, the United States and Slovenia in a triangle in Malaga from August 11 to 13.

During the presentation of the shirt, the federation president, Jorge Garbajosa, has not confirmed if he will present himself to the direction of FIBA ​​Europe in the elections that will be held on May 20. The deadline to confirm the candidacies is this Sunday, one day after the FIBA ​​Europe Board is held in Seville, between Thursday and Saturday, the meeting of the highest management body of European basketball. “The decision has not been made. I have time to think about it until Sunday. It is a challenge that excites me, that I am passionate about. The responsibility and love that I have for basketball can take me away. I will not be able to give back to the federation what it has given me”, Garbajosa said.

If Garbajosa decides to take that step forward, the management model that has led the Spanish men’s team to be number one in the world ranking, the women’s to rise to first place among the European teams, and the categories will play in his favor. formation to reach the final eight in the European and world tournaments that took place last summer. His rival for the FIBA ​​chair would be Jean-Pierre Siurat, president of the French federation.

Jorge Garbajosa and Elisa Aguilar, with a giant national team shirt.
Jorge Garbajosa and Elisa Aguilar, with a giant national team shirt.FEB (THE COUNTRY)

According to the statutes of the Spanish Federation, if the president leaves office before the end of his term, the chair would be occupied on an interim basis by the first vice president, José Miguel Sierra, who is in turn president of the Aragonese federation, or the general secretary , Gabriel Rodríguez de la Paz. However, given that there is still more than a year and a half left for the current period to conclude, the most likely scenario is that new elections will be called for the exclusive election of the new president, maintaining the current assembly. In this case, the name of the former player Elisa Aguilar (222 internationals, sixth in the women’s ranking, and winner of six medals), currently director of Competitions for the Federation and Garbajosa’s right-hand man along with the general director, Oscar Graefenhain, gains a lot of strength. .

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