The Ombudsman asks about Vinicius to the Higher Sports Council | Sports

The Ombudsman has addressed the Higher Sports Council to be informed about the actions that the highest body of the Spanish Government in sports matters has undertaken to respond to the racist insults denounced by Vinicius Júnior, a Real Madrid player, after his passing by the Mestalla stadium last Sunday.

The Ombudsman, a constitutional body dedicated to ensuring the fundamental rights of people, has supervisory powers over the Administration. Its owner, Ángel Gabilondo, spoke on Tuesday about the case of the insults denounced by the Madrid footballer. “We find racist insults absolutely reprehensible in any situation, as they affect human and fundamental rights.”

This Thursday, the Ombudsman expressed in a statement that he reacted to the complaints received this Wednesday from two “Brazilian civil society organizations” that regretted the incidents that occurred in Mestalla, which they describe as “xenophobic and racist.”

The Ombudsman is protected by Law 19/2007 against violence, racism and intolerance in sport. This rule states that sports activities must be a space “free of any type of discrimination and violence”. To safeguard compliance with this law, the CSD houses the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport.

Gabilondo has also contacted his counterpart in Brazil, the federal attorney for citizens’ rights, Carlos Alberto Vilhena. The Ombudsman has informed him of the actions that are carried out in Spain to prevent and punish, in his case, the attacks denounced by Vinicius.

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