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there was always arbitration problem in Spain, discussions about the designation system, anger, pads and even bottles when they were at hand until they were banned, just after a Cup final between Madrid and Barça, with arbitration that angered the madridistas. But, in general, the system was accepted, arbitration was considered a lucky factor with the proviso that it was taken for granted that it came up more heads than tails for the powerful, but in what aspect of life doesn’t it happen? that? “There will always be rich and poor”, was a sentence that we all had engraved in our minds.

But the distrust in the very essence of the system is something that I am seeing for the first time now, and I am afraid that it has been the most relevant contribution of the VAR, which transfers the responsibility of a man who may not have seen such a thing or not have whistled it for pure fear, to a misty room occupied by three rational beings comfortably seated and with the latest technology within reach. Now the doubts are more serious. First there is when the VAR enters and when it does not; then, that when it enters it does not give us satisfaction without there being a way to explain it. The happy goal of Elche in Cádiz enters the first section; in the second, the expulsion of the Betic Luiz Felipe for the fuss of Iago Aspas when he had simply taken the ball from his hand. The referee and the linesman stung, but what about the VAR?

I cite two recent cases, but after so many months of VAR each hobby has in the closet its half dozen cases in which the old frustration turns into irritated impotence when feeling like the victim of a cynical mockery. Paradoxically, even though he has made penalties outside the area impossible and is capable of ruling whether or not you were offside with the precision of a Japanese chicken sexer, VAR has taken away the credibility of the system. That, marinated with the fiddling with the Regulations, which upsets us all.

And here we only needed to know that Barça was paying for 18 years and four presidents to the vice president of the CTA. And if on top of that this seems to have bothered everyone except Real Madrid, the only one that has not signed the reproach, the conclusion of the rest is inevitable: this is a port of snatching capes in which those who snatch the capes are the usual two.

Bad medicine wanted to put the Federation on Thursday. I understand his confusion: his current leaders were not there – that happened in the years of Villar and his villarato– so far away that we do not find that the current CTA leadership made its career in the long period under suspicion. That doesn’t incriminate them, but it’s not nice.

Thursday’s act was a grotesque. All the referees gathered together to put their hands in the fire for each other, and put Estrada Fernández in the pillory, the only one who, out of notoriety, spite or correct behavior, he knows, has denounced Enríquez Negreira, suggests a effect of omerta which makes matters more dirty.

The elephant – whose head is Enríquez with his collecting trunk, its trunk is Barça, its four legs are Gaspart, Laporta, Rosell and Bartomeu, and its manured tail is the son – was named between little and nothing. Of course, the secretary of the Federation took the opportunity to collect a debt with his allusion (he lacked gallantry to name him) to Albert Soler because he worked at Barça de Bartomeu and then went number two to the CSD, three years after it had ended that dirty scammer. Hours later it would be leaked that “they are thinking of suing” him because he had kept quiet. Are they thinking of suing the one who kept it quiet (if he knew it) and not against those who did it, Enríquez and the four presidents of Barça? And not only that, but they skin the one who has sued Enríquez, Estrada Fernández?

omerta, immolation of the dissident, settling scores with one who was passing by and who from the CSD wanted to take Rubiales to the TAD. Less reproach to the conspirators. That left that appearance of Andreu Camps and Medina Cantalejo (in minutes the first won 32-9). Let’s just say it wasn’t reassuring. For his part, Rubiales was not there. A trip prevented him. It won’t seem like a big enough issue to fit it into his agenda.

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