The judge prohibits the four arrested for hanging a doll with Vinicius’ shirt from going to any LaLiga stadium | Sports

The magistrate of the trial court number 26 in Madrid has provisionally released the four detainees for hanging from a bridge in Madrid a mannequin with the shirt of the Real Madrid player Vinicius Júnior on the night of January 26. The four are accused of a hate crime and another against moral integrity, for which they are cautiously prohibited from approaching or communicating with the player, as well as from approaching less than a kilometer from Real Madrid’s sports city, the Santiago Bernabéu, the Metropolitan and the other LaLiga club stadiums while there are matches. The extension to professional soccer venues was requested by the employer when it appeared as a private prosecution.

The four detainees are members of the Atlético Front, the radical group of supporters of Atlético de Madrid. They were arrested on Tuesday morning after an investigation into the events that occurred on January 26, prior to the Copa del Rey match between Real Madrid and Atlético. Those arrested allegedly hung from a bridge near the Real Madrid sports complex, in Valdebebas, a doll with the Brazilian player’s shirt under a banner with the legend “Madrid hates Real”. Atlético de Madrid has asked the National Police to identify the four detainees in order to proceed with their expulsion for life in the event that they were members or subscribers of the rojiblanca entity. From Atlético they assure that they have not yet been provided with the required information. If he did not receive it, he could not prevent the access to the stadium of the four ultras if they were partners and decided to ignore the restraining order.

The four detainees are attributed a hate crime and another crime against moral integrity, although this qualification is initial and could be modified as the corresponding investigative proceedings are carried out within the framework of the judicial investigation, reports the court.

As precautionary measures, the magistrate prohibits the four arrested from approaching or communicating with Vinicius, in addition to approaching less than 1,000 meters from the Real Madrid sports complex, the Santiago Bernabéu and Civitas Metropolitano stadiums, “as well as each and every of the LaLiga stadiums during the celebration of the football matches of said competition”. Specifically, they are prohibited from approaching the stadiums from four hours before the start of the match and up to four hours after its completion, according to the schedules established by LaLiga.

The four detainees have availed themselves of their constitutional right not to testify during their court appearance.

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