The Corner of the Immortals: The world turned upside down: Giri launches! | The corner of the immortals

If one reproduces this game without knowing who Anish Giri is (Saint Petersburg, 1994), one might think that it corresponds to Gari Kasparov’s first years in the elite. Such is the self-confidence and joy that the winner exhibits from the opening and then turns into a deadly attack, although high risk.

And therein lies the surprise, because Giri suffers from risk aversion, despite the many years he has been among the top ten in the world. Born to a Russian mother and a Nepali father, she lived in Japan for six years before settling in the Netherlands and achieving the title of grandmaster at just 14 years and 7 months, no one doubted that he was destined for the super elite. But, for some reason not yet clarified, to be a world champion he lacked the courage that he shows in this video.