The Corner of the Immortals (chess videos): Caruana signs a masterpiece | The corner of the immortals

Fabiano Caruana (Miami, 1992), with dual American and Italian nationality, returns to El Rincón de los Inmortales with a game of great impact for any fan. But even greater if he is someone with a high technical level, because the quality of the game is excellent, in addition to the beauty that he oozes. And to add even more merit, his rival is none other than Péter Svídler, eight times Russian champion.

This game was played at the Stavanger (Norway) tournament in June 2014, a couple of months before Caruana signed one of the most impressive results in history at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis (USA). There, against world-class opponents, he won the first seven games and tied for a winning position with world champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway to clinch the top prize two rounds before the end. Seeing how he played then, that feat is easier to understand.