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The invasion of the Espanyol field last Sunday, in a derby in which Barça was proclaimed league champion, continues to have consequences. Los Boixos Nois, the ultra supporters of Barcelona, ​​now threaten the radicals of Espanyol whom they have identified in the images of the jump onto the pitch. In recent days, a recording of a video has gone viral. boixo that requires a fan of the blue and white team to remove a tattoo. “If you don’t take it off, I’m going to stab you,” he warns.

The Mossos are now investigating both the jump onto the pitch, in which a hundred people participated, and the threats made by the opposing radicals, who consider it a grievance that they came out with the intention of attacking the FC Barcelona players. Los Boixos Nois, explain these same sources, have increased their activity in recent years, always outside the Camp Nou, where they are prohibited from entering as a group. Most of the altercations take place in the vicinity of the stadium, which has also sometimes led to sanctions for the Barça club due to the affectation of the rest of the fans.

The author of the audio threatening the ultra of Espanyol, Francisco P., known as Paco Fat, He has already staged other altercations. A year ago, he was arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra, together with two boixos more, accused of being one of the people who destroyed a bar for Espanyol fans, Los Cazadores, in Cornellà, in an alleged response to a previous attack. Also then, he ran another audio of his like wildfire: “We have broken the bar for you… We are going to meet today. Let’s iron things out today. How do you want it? If you want bare hand, bare hand. If you want it with a knife, with a knife. To what you want. […] You are turning a football thing into a street war and in the end we will really hurt you. You are a hobby and we are delinquents”.

The National Police also arrested Francisco P. in an operation in November 2021 focused on the ultra activity of the Boixos and the extreme right, with fifteen detainees. He then was released with charges, in a case that investigates the crimes of criminal organization, money laundering, drug trafficking and pimping. Aged 44, he has accumulated a record since he was young for crimes such as injuries, threats, theft, reckless driving, illicit association, obstruction of justice, reception… Francisco P. was one of those convicted in the sentence of the Court of Barcelona against Los Casuals, a faction of the Boixos Nois, led by Ricardo Mateo, dedicated to extorting nightlife entrepreneurs and beatings for hire. Police sources confirm that he continues under Mateo’s orders and that with this type of audio he intends to climb positions in the organization.

Between hooliganism ultra and the merely criminal organization, the Boixos Nois have been on the police radar for years. Converted into the most feared football fans, the Barça radicals came out of the pandemic with renewed desire and musculature. “They have revived,” police sources explain. It can be seen in the corteos (a manifestation of hooligans), and also in the number of confrontations they have starred in, with fights with other hobbies, in Barcelona, ​​on trips abroad and even directly against the Mossos d’Esquadra.

Outside of the merely sporting sphere, they have also caused problems with fights and threats in the Castelldefels and Gavà area, linked to security in the world of nightlife, police sources explain. In the past, they were investigated for using young people, dubbed minicasuals, to cause riots in nightclubs in and around Barcelona. If they wanted the riots and notoriety to end, they had to hire them. Some businessmen denounced them for extortion.

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One of the last episodes starring the Casuals occurred on May 9, when a group of a dozen people led by Ricardo Mateo -condemned in his day to 12 years in prison- stood at the door of the Provincial Court of Barcelona to show his support for a friend who was being tried for attempted murder and threaten those who accused him. The Mossos had to intervene so that things did not get worse. The incident ended in insults and spitting.

In 2013, during the trial of Mateo and the rest of casuals one of the most serious episodes in memory was experienced in a hearing room. On May 27, 2013, in one of the last sessions, the defendants interrupted the hearing to protest a deployment of security that they considered excessive and staged an attempted riot. After an exchange of grabs and struggles with the Mossos, some ended up on the ground. The scene ended, six years later, with minimal sentences. Also in that trial, police sources recall, most of the witnesses retracted and did not testify against the defendants, which meant a considerable reduction in the sentences of up to 120 years that the Prosecutor’s Office requested for them.

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