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The image needed no words. After Real Madrid’s feat against Partizán to reach the Euroleague Final Four, Luka Doncic posted a message on his Twitter account. The Slovenian star of the Dallas Mavericks retains a very strong bond with the team that propelled him to the NBA and wanted to join the celebrations for the fifth victory in the quarterfinals (98-94) and the crowning of an unprecedented feat: never in the tournament European a team had lifted two initial defeats in a tie. But Doncic didn’t write anything. He simply shared a photo: Sergio Rodríguez, Sergio Llull and Rudy Fernández looking at the camera, with the white uniform and a ball each. There was nothing more to say.

When Madrid was drowning in Obradovic’s fingers, the three immortals rescued him. Sergio Rodríguez, 36, Sergi Llull, 35, and Rudy Fernández, 38, led the white revolution to meet next Friday at 8:00 p.m. with Barcelona in the Kaunas semifinal. It was the point guard from the Canary Islands who turned the match upside down when Chus Mateo’s team was on the ropes (18 points down) and Llull and Rudy got on that train. The trio contributed points and revolutions on the track, raised the fans, squeezed that eternal winning gene of the whites to cling to the most impossible comeback and symbolized once again the high degree of identification of the fans with the national players who have made a career in the white house “I love the oldies,” Andrés Nocioni also wrote.

El Chacho went crazy with 19 points and six assists in the minutes of truth, Rudy grabbed five rebounds hunted more with his soul than with his hands, and Llull finished off the resurrection with two triple house marks. “In that team there is a lot of character,” Obradovic, winner of nine European Cups, surrendered. “Chacho, Llull and Rudy took us back to our best memories,” said Chus Mateo.

The president of Madrid, Florentino Pérez, kissed Sergio Rodríguez when he entered the dressing room in the middle of the party. It was the recognition of the hero of the night, who knows if also a gesture that guides the continuity of the point guard next season. Rodríguez’s contract ends in a few weeks and his future is yet to be resolved. The executioner of Partizán speeds up his second stage in Madrid after the 2010-16 period. He then tried out in the NBA (Philadelphia) and back in Europe he gained star status at CSKA and then at Olimpia Milano before returning home. This course has been part of the rotations in the direction of play for the Whites, with Williams-Goss and Hanga, after the club had the return of Facundo Campazzo on the table. El Chacho has worked without noise while waiting for a great night like this Wednesday. Already in the third match of the series, in Belgrade, he raised Hezonja with a veteran’s harangue. “If you put your head down, I’ll raise it for you!” He yelled at the forward. And in the fifth stop of the rooms he was terminal. The canary is enlightened to read each move and connect to the rest of the pieces, especially Tavares, and this prodigious mind joined this time a waste of points in the penetrations and in the outside shot. This is how the only player in the Euroleague along with Spanoulis who has more than 3,500 points and 1,500 assists reached his eighth Final Four.

Rodríguez resigned from the Spanish team after the Tokyo Games. Rudy continues with La Familia, the great captain who with the gold of the past Eurobasket matched the 11 medals of Pau Gasol (one of the record of Laia Palau) and who is six games from the absolute men’s record of matches with Spain of Juan Carlos Navarro . Ahead, the next World Cup and the challenge of the 2024 Games: in Paris he wants to become the only basketball player in history to play six Olympic events.

Against Partizán, the forward was once again the image of suffering and dedication. Exum fell on his shoulder in the last action of the third quarter, and the madridista still had energy to drag his body across the floor as he did in the Eurobasket at the end of the game. He had traveled to the European tournament with his hyperbaric chamber to recover better, finally becoming the big boss. Without the Gasol brothers, Navarro and Ricky, it was Rudy’s turn to take a leading role that on other occasions he had given up for the good of the group. And to throw a fight in the locker room that he even left Scariolo speechless.

“When we play without a net, veterans take a step forward,” explained Llull after the comeback against Partizán. “It has been more heart than basketball. It is our DNA, ”added the white captain, at the origin of the row in the second match due to his unsportsmanlike foul on Punter. That was the worst moment in an exciting series that Madrid crowned with its trio of eternal rockers heading to the Final Four.

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