Santander League: Girona wins with two own goals from Athletic | Sports

In football you see very strange things sometimes. Girona with three goals on the scoreboard despite scoring only one, because the other two on their account were made by Athletic players, and the rojiblanco team pressing with one less player after Morcillo’s injury, to be one step away from drawing when in 89 they lost 3-1. In the end, with suffering, the visitors won.



Unai Simón (Julen Agirrezabala, min. 45), Yuri, Aitor Paredes, De Marcos (Capa, min. 78), Yeray (Lekue, min. 68), O. Sancet (Jon Morcillo, min. 78), Muniain, Berenguer , Vesga, Williams and Guruzeta (Raúl García, min. 45)



Gazzaniga, Juanpe, Javi Hernández (Miguel Gutierrez, min. 61), Santi Bueno, Arnau Martinez, Tsygankov (Reinier Carvalho, min. 79), Borja García (Valery Fernández, min. 70), Rodrigo Riquelme (Iván Martín, min. 70), Oriol Romeu, Aleix García and Valentín Castellano (Stuani, min. 79)

goals 0-1 min. 3: Alex Garcia. 0-2 min. 19: Of Mark (pp). 1-2 min. 35: Yury. 1-3 min. 46: Vesga (pp). 2-3 min. 89: Raul Garcia.

Referee Isidro Diaz de Mera Escuderos

Yellow cards De Marcos (min. 13), Valentín Castellano (min. 16), Santi Bueno (min. 27), Arnau Martinez (min. 36), Yeray (min. 44), Oriol Romeu (min. 71), Raúl García ( min. 77), Muniain (min. 84), Gazzaniga (min. 93) and Aitor Paredes (min. 94)

In minute 20, Girona added two goals and Athletic two saves from Unai Simón; the rojiblanco nonsense could not reach a higher level. Without doing much, except delving into the local wound, Aleix García had opened the scoring in a choral play by the Catalan team with a pass from Tsygankov and a cross shot from the striker. An accident? It could be, it usually happens sometimes.

But the 19th minute thing was paranormal. He took Unai out of the door shortly but her companions were at breakfast. Vesga, with a monumental oversight, went back towards the area, wanted to play parallel in the small area, but Castellanos was there to finish off and the rojiblanco goalkeeper took it out in an action of reflexes. The corner was thrown and a new save by Simón. The third time he couldn’t. He took a corner, finished off Guruzeta towards his goal and De Marcos put the icing on the cake by scoring his own goal.

And then, another one in the discount of the first part. Yuri had scored in the middle to shorten the difference, but a lateral free kick that Aleix took was touched by Yeray and finished off by Vesga. Athletic added two goals from set pieces in their own goal after almost two hundred corner kicks without getting any in their favour.

In addition, from so much flying, Unai Simón damaged his wings and after the break Agirrezabala had to leave in goal, who also had to work hard to stop a shot from a short distance from Riquelme, because Athletic hugged, but the chances were from Girona, who jumped lines with the ease of hurdlers in an Olympic final.

Everything that could go wrong for Athletic turned out worse. The only clear opportunity of the second half, in a shot by Berenguer aimed at the goal, was deflected by his teammate Iñaki Williams who got into the trajectory of the ball. Then, with desperate changes, Morcillo, who came on for Sancet in the 77th minute, left the rojiblancos with ten due to a shoulder injury five minutes later. With ten and the game in the trash, Gazzaniga tried a lamentable control after the ball was passed to him in the area, and Raúl García put his foot in to add emotion to the discount, in which the Navarrese had a header that froze the blood to Michel on the Girona bench.

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