Real Madrid – Atlético: Gil Marín denounces the referees: “We cannot normalize what is abnormal” | Sports

Miguel Ángel Gil Marín exploded: “It’s unfortunate!” The CEO of Atlético de Madrid denounced this Sunday something that is very similar to the prevarication by the referees of the League. Gil declared on the club’s website that the judges, subject to “pressure”, have systematically harmed Atlético this season to the benefit of Madrid, after witnessing Correa’s expulsion by referee Jesús Gil Manzano, in the 64th minute of the game. derby played on Saturday at the Bernabéu. Atlético drew 1-1, despite playing with one less.

“It is not worth insisting more,” said the leader. “I already said it a week ago and I confirm it word for word. Yesterday it was more of the same. It is unfortunate! We always suffer this type of performance against this team [el Real Madrid] due to the pressures exerted on the arbitration group. It is unreasonable that it is so difficult for a referee to send off one of his players even though the play is clear and without room for interpretation, as happened in the last game against this same team, and that yesterday it was so easy to unfairly send off Ángel Correa ”.

Miguel Ángel Gil’s complaint was triggered after the surprising expulsion of Correa for physical contact with Rüdiger that Gil Manzano interpreted as assault. The writing of the rojiblanco leader is extraordinary due to its terms and form. It occurs in the wake of one of the biggest scandals that have shaken Spanish arbitration in its history. The outbreak of the Enríquez-Negreira case, with documents showing that Barcelona paid seven million euros to the vice president of the referees’ college for two decades, has covered Spanish football in darkness. Atlético, together with all the clubs in the League except Barcelona and Madrid, have requested that the facts be investigated until the end in the face of the silence of Madrid and the federation chaired by Luis Rubiales.

“After the last derby”, Miguel Ángel Gil continued, “I decided to share my opinion publicly and, just for that, I received a multitude of criticisms and disqualifications from different stands (…). I know there are many people against us denouncing a system that is unfair, but we cannot normalize what is abnormal. I refuse to let us get used to these situations, although unfortunately they have become a habit for many years.

“The integrity of the competition cannot be in doubt,” he concludes, in relation to the Enríquez-Negreira case. “If the fans come to question it, we are all superfluous. In recent weeks we have had access to very relevant information that requires serious investigation. We have no choice but to get to the bottom of this matter. This is how all the clubs in the League have demanded it, except for two: the club that must be investigated and another one”.

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