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It is likely that Barça deserve their immediate extinction as a club and as a religion, we still don’t know for sure. Three weeks after uncovering the scandal over the million-dollar payments to Enríquez Negreira, vice president of the CTA, the Blaugrana members and fans are still waiting for an explanation from the club’s officials, although, at this point of extreme abandonment, they would not despise those of any irresponsible person, a common paratrooper. “We will hold a press conference to discuss the issue,” said President Laporta at an event organized by the Godó Group in Barcelona: at least for this time, no one will be able to accuse him of acting improvised.

Faith is the last thing to be lost and your soccer team is part of the family. “Everything has a solution except death”, our grandmothers often say, who tend to speak like non-elected presidents and are the first to see the wolf’s ears. “Barça has not dedicated itself to buying referees”, Laporta perjured in that same act, but avoiding -once again- offering the pertinent explanations about what the hell Barça did for so many years and, what is even more incomprehensible and intriguing: What was so important as to jeopardize the credibility and legacy of the Barça Holy Trinity? We’ll see how we can avoid the trance of seeing Messi or Guardiola admitting Enríquez Negreira as a forced pet, if that’s possible.

Destroying the memory of that team was always an obsession for those who lived through those years of the football revolution in Spain as an attack on their moral principles. It was tried in all ways, including accusations of doping or the insinuation of federative favors. The war was so bloody that great consensus figures such as Vicente del Bosque or Iker Casillas were scalded along the way. The world of football will hardly forget the sporting merits of that dream team, but it would not be unreasonable for revisionism to end up spreading the shadow of doubt. After all, what would Barça fans say about the triumphs of their great rival at certain times if such a plot were uncovered? Perhaps Franco should be exhumed a second time, who knows.

The fact that Laporta announces a press conference to “talk about the subject” does not give much confidence either, what do you want me to tell you. For the same price, he could have said that he would summon the media to “talk about the movement”, which is also a colloquial use of the language and much more in keeping with the times, and then those who would really start to worry they take it for granted that Barça used their Sunday savings to ensure the best arbitrations. It’s not like they all went to get excited, listen, one also has the memory of him and remembers authentic grotesques against the negotiated. And that is why, at this point and while waiting for explanations, it is also worth asking if, at some point and throughout these years, a Barça manager contacted this Negreira or his son to ask for a sheet of claims: they are anecdotal details that are useless, I know, but they do give a certain taste.

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