NBA: The Bucks, triple record and victory over the Heat | Sports

Joe Ingles achieved a five of six triples against the Miami Heat.
Joe Ingles achieved a five of six triples against the Miami Heat.Aaron Gash (AP)

Without Giannis Antetokounmpo good are the triples. That’s what they thought and that worked for the Milwaukee Bucks in the second meeting of the series of the playoffs from the East against the Miami Heat, since they tested 49 shots from the perimeter and made 25. A record at this stage of the season and a record that was enough for the rival to kiss the canvas (138-122) and, thus, set the series equal to one.

One by one, now Holiday, then Connaughton (scored six), then English (five of six) and whoever boasted, the Bucks’ three-pointers went in to break off a rival who promised them very happy because Antetokounmpo was out -back problems- and could not impose his law under the hoop. But little mattered to Milwaukee, which moved the axis of rotation and danger from inside to outside, incontestable gunners to the point that the intermission was reached with an expressive 81-55. A choral performance -the entire starting five of the Bucks finished in double figures- that balances the scales and that passes the ball to the Heats, who will now play the next two games at home.

Not even LeBron catapults the Lakers. The great and veteran LeBron James showed his basketball again with a double-double of 28 points and 12 rebounds, as well as three assists. Notorious performance -and seconded by Hachimura with 20 points- which, however, did not serve to encourage some Lakers who fell in the second match of the series against the Memphis Grizzlies (103-93), now tied at one and with the two upcoming matches to be played in Hollywood. It happened, in any case, that the Grizzlies shot ex officio and also physically, conditioned by the loss of Ja Morant [se hizo daño en la mano derecha tras el pasado choque]but well directed by Tyus Jones and spurred on by Tillman (22 points and 13 rebounds).

Denver plays favoritism well. The arrive playoffs and the best version of Jamal Murray always appears. Something that the Canadian point guard claimed this morning with 40 points -with 13 of 22 shooting from the field, seasoned with six triples- and that served for the Denver Nuggets to crack the Minnesota Timberwolves (122-113) to turn the series upside down , already with two career wins. It is good for the Colorado team to favoritism, which was already the first seeds of the West. Along with Murray, the Serbian Nikola Jokic also stood out, with 27 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists.

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