Luis Enrique responds to Aspas: “The vermin and vultures take advantage of their second glory” | Sports

Luis Enrique, a former Spanish coach, has broken his silence at SER Gijón four months after leaving the national team. The Asturian coach gave a relaxed interview after competing in the Cape Epic in South Africa, one of the toughest mountain bike events in the world. The talk has coincided, in a non-agreed way, with the hangover from the defeat of the team in Scotland, a game that the Asturian could not see when he was back in Spain. He also could not see the debut of Luis de la Fuente, last Saturday against Norway.

On the new stage of La Roja, he has not given many details: “When you are not there, things are different. There are many types of selectors and the logical thing is that each one follow their path”. But he did have a memory for his detractors, who criticized him for not having a plan b. One of them was Iago Aspas, who criticized the lack of alternatives in Luis Enrique’s approaches, with whom he lost the World Cup and the Euro Cup. “I know there has been the usual. Vermin and vultures take advantage of their second of glory. I don’t care”, settled the former selector.

Despite the World Cup disappointment in Qatar, the coach is “proud” of his time as coach. “Of course I made a lot of mistakes, it would just be missing. We had to make the same decisions that the coach has to make now and I have faced them with the greatest responsibility. I’m not interested in those debates. They are free, made by whoever they are, with a lack of knowledge and total information, ”he explained.

What he did remember fondly were his live broadcasts on Twitch during the World Cup. “I have felt very loved and valued thanks to the sessions of streaming, they were a bomb We were able to receive the unconditional affection of the fans. What is sold to you by the media is one thing and reality is another. It was a very positive experiment, ”he assessed. Although he doesn’t think he’ll ever come back shake: “I like to enjoy these moments when they forget about you.”

The coach has said that since the World Cup ended, he does not read the Spanish press or look at anything Spanish on the internet, “only the English press and little else.” England is precisely his dream destination and the coach has allowed himself to be loved while waiting for high-level offers: “I follow the Premier more than the Spanish league, because I would like to go there to work. I wouldn’t go to any team but to one that could do important things, which greatly reduces the number. I see it difficult in July so I don’t get my hopes up”.

As for firm offers to train, he has acknowledged that he has received proposals to go to a national team, but not for teams. “I’m not ruling it out either. But it would have to be a very, very strong pick for him to accept.” This is the case of Brazil, which is looking for a coach, but Luis Enrique considers that “a different coaching profile than his fits in there.” However, no one from Brazil has contacted the coach.

Finally, regarding coaching Sporting de Gijón at some point, Luis Enrique pointed out that the club he loved lost the opportunity to bet on him before becoming a top-level coach and that now it is a step that he does not rule out but that I would give “when I have done everything in football”, due to the difficulty of being a fan and a coach at the same time.

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